CAT score accepting institutes

Hi All Can any one tell me if there is any institute out side india that accepts CAT score except SP JAIN dubai or any such indian institute.

Good Universities

Hi I am preparing for CAT07 but dont have much expectations. so just want to know , how good are the university MBA programs. is there any chance of getting a job after completing such a course. Dont know how silly my qs but i need some ans

The pattern of CAT2006 – my prediction

[color=darkblue]CAT – The most difficult and unpredictable exam has no pattern as such. To surprise the cat takers, the examiners always come up with new patterns. While preparing for CAT, one should concentrate on all the basics with out thinking anything about the pattern of the paper but while appearing the mock CATs and FLTs one should try to get a feel of the pattern of the exams taken by all the coaching centers. Few coaching centers have been successful in predicting many things about CAT before the real exam. Erudite was first the institute to come up with mock CAT consisting of questions of different marks and we saw a similar CAT pattern last year. CAT has always given priority to two things (i) TIME per each question (ii) Standard of the Paper. In early 90s there used to be 170-180 questions, which is now reduced to 90 questions, but the standard of questions becoming more and more tough. With reduced number of questions it became easier for the students in reading all the questions and thus selecting which one to attempt and which one to leave out. So my prediction is that next time we might see a paper where the number of questions is more than the number of questions one need to attempt. Why? , Just to make the students read more, have less time and so a good test of time management. Structure of the paper Number of questions =120, one need to attempt any 90 questions. Please do suggest your exam patterns.[/color]


XAT is on 7th JAN 2007 :?: Where are the details? I checked the site XLRI but there was not any information on this. Is this true? Where can I get the details?

Admission w/o interview

can anybody tell me abt all institudes whose addmission criteria is entrance test NO INTERVIEWS.

CAT form

Hi, I had applied for CAT online 8 days before. I have alrdeay received the details for complting the application procedure but yet to receive brouchre .I have checked my mail address its OK. what should i do now... any contact number for IIML ? Thanks in advance

Am I eligible for any MBA program?

Hi everyone. I have a diploma degree in electronics. It’s a 3 year course after class 10th. I had completed it in year in 1998 and since then working in electronics industry. I had worked in 3 diff. Companies in last 8 years but due to lack of a good degree I m getting problem in my career advancement. Now I am thinking about going for higher studies. Am I eligible for any MBA program? I know I can’t apply for CAT, but is there any institute with correspondence/online course where I can apply.

should i take a long leave

I am working in a sw comp and going to appear CAT this year . Due to the long working hours i canot give much time to my preparation. so my question is it advisible to take a long leave say of 30days and prepare for CAT ?


How the percentile is calculated? What are cut off s for diff IIMs

need clarification

respected sir, while i was filling my cat application for i did a mistake, in the last column where we have to write our town code , in that column there are only 4 boxes but our town code is in 5 digits, so i drawn a box beside the box with black ink, so iam very nervous whether my application form will acceptedor rejected.

Yet to get my Admit card

Hey guys I m from Bhubaneswar and yet to get my admit card. Where to contact , iimcal or iim banglore. I have checked the site of IIMC , there is no update about the admit card details like in other IIM sites Any phone number or mail

Thank you all

Hi Guys .. Thanks you all for all these wonderful notes , question paper and all the cat related information. This is my first post in the forum .Though i m regular visitor to the site I never had anything to share.. My cat has gone quite well and my expected marks are Maths : 51 DI : 43 EU/RC : 27 Total 121 ... Hopefully I will get few IIM calls and will let you know when it happens... Neeraj

Problem in score calculator ?

I uploaded my answers here, I have answered 18 in DI, 16 in verbal and 12 in Quant, According to your website, i have made 1 mistake in DI, 7 in verbal and 2 in Quant. So my scores ahould be 67- Di, 29 -Verbal and 38- Quant = 136 overall, but your site is showing my score as 63- DI, 29- Verbal and 34 -Quant 126 overall. Please rectify the problem and inform me. Thank you Sachin

JMET paper

Any previuos JMET paper or JMET mock.. I have the mocks of IMS but i dont the math questions are up to the real JMET standard..Any one have previous JMET paper, please share it with us.


I have secured 40% in my PART 1 exams. i m in final year now , i would like to know if i m eligible to apply for cat or will they prefer my part 2 scores. please suggest


So guys How was your JMET My attempt was 87 and according to the score calculator I m getting 59.. may be I ll miss it by a whisker .. Is there any chance of getting a call from IIT kanpur/Chennai



how was SNAP

After all the horrible papers finally I got a paper of my standard :lol: :lol: . I had 2 excellent hours in the exam hall (I wish if all the papers were like that only). I have attempted 148 marks and considering my poor accuracy I should get at least 90 or may be more than that.

CAT Result

When we can expect the IIM results to be out.. or you guys still feel there is going to be a retest. :lol:

Coaching institutes

I am a second year student doing my graduatiion in chandigarh nd i wanna prepare for cat2007.For the same want to join a coaching institiue but m in state of confusion that which one is better. kindly help me in deciding this

CAT 06 results

The URL of IIMK is not opening... what abt other IIMs

How good is Globsyn

Hi all, Any one has first experience in globsyn. I have checked there website could not much information . Is it worth joing I got 83%tile in CAT and this was my first attempt Thanks in advance

The eligibility criteria of 50% in graduation for CAT2006 is :

1 year MBA course

I have work experience of 8 years and now I can feel how important is to have an MBA degree in your CV. I can’t change my past mistakes but definitely like to see a better future. Any how I have to go for an MBA course. Now starts my confusion – I know how tough is CAT and even if I make it, not so sure if that will be the right choice for me. Part-time and Distance courses are out of my choice so I have left with 2 choices i. GMAT and going abroad ii. To take up 1 year courses in any of the top B school. Can any one help me in suggesting few good institutes which offer 1 year MBA program? And btw how good are they in terms of placement.

2 Day e book to success in CAT

I just came across a site with above lines. Don't know how it is possible though the writer claims to be a passout of IIMA and also has a GMAT score of 780 wow?? There are so many books in marked which can get you an IIM call without much hard work (as wriiten in all the books with different words)but I think this must be the first e book.. some thing like "Be a millionaire in 2 days" and that's also w/o going to KBC :-)) Be sure that you don't have any other way of wasting your money before going for such stupid stuffs which promises a lot and delivers NOT.

Am i eligible to appear CAT/MAT/XAT

Hi All, I am working in a manufacturing company for last few years and now thinking about going for MBA.I have doubt regarding the eligibility criteria for CAT and XAT. After completing class 10, i went for Diploma in electrical engineering and then did AMIE. Am i eligible to appear these exams I have in total 5 years of experience and my age is 30+ Thanks, Vikul


Any one plz clarify the following 1. i got 2 years work exp, i am interested to do 1 year MBA only. your suggestions? 2.What are the good Bschools vailable for this course? what is your opinion about TASMAC,Pune? 3. what is your opinion about International School of business and media, Pune? Any one, Kindly Expeditie.

Best MBA College for MAT

Is there any top B school, which accepts MAT score. What is the rank of b schools accepting MAT score in comparison to CAT scores

I need guidance for a good part-time MBA in Kolkata.

I am 27 yr and working in a Top Notch IT company for last 4 yrs. From the beginning I am working on SAP (SCM) and don’t have intention of changing it. Few months back I thought of joining IITD online course on SCM but due to some time constraint couldn’t attend it. Is there any institute which provides part time MBA course with IT or similar specialization? Please suggest

Difference between all the MBA courses

How different is the program of PGDBA from MBA. Both of them have the same level of credibility among universities and companies? Does it really matters to know what kind of certifications you will get from the institute after completing your masters program in management.

How Important is the AICTE approval

Good institutes like ICFAI and IIPM don't have aicte approval. But both have good campus/placement and etc So how valuable is getting the aicte approval. If it is that imp why don't these top notch b schools are not going for it.

Any idea abt IIIT pune , is it worth joining

Hey Guys Can any body please provide some real information about IIIT Pune.(isquare it) For the July batch results will be declared on 7th and we have to deposit the money before 25th may. So please be fast in replying.

weekend course

Any one here who have joined weekend course. Is it worth joining ??

Book suggestion???

Hi I am planning to take up CAT for this year but i am sure i will not make this time fine... Actually i need a Good book to start with or good site links too... I need a book as similar as Barrons for GRE... I need to have the syallbus for CAT also.. I know i am a newbie to CAT.. so any sugestions mate... :)

I am doing my B Com-I (hons) from Osmania

I am doing my B Com-I (hons) from Osmania University, and i don't have any work experience and i want to aspire for CAT and want to get into IIM's and Will the IIM's prefer an engineer or will they take me?

Help – I am new to this forum

Hello I’m currently doing my graduation in English Honors and am in my 2nd yr. I am really interested in pursuing management as a career and will be appearing CAT08 (next year). Though I had mathematics as a subject till class 12th , I am not that good in it. How can I go about making a strong fundamental base in mathematics to succeed in an exam like CAT I am curious to know whether the admission into the IIMs requires a prior work experience or not ? And my last question is how good is XLRI and how tough is its admission test.

coaching institute

i am bit confused whether to join PT or IMS udaipur center.

Work Experience

After completing my graduation last year I joined a coaching center and working there for last 1 year as a mathematics teacher for 12th and JEE Entrance exams. My question is that – will B schools consider it as work experience or they will treat like I had a gap of 2 years.

Interview question

Is there any place where I can find typical MBA interview questions? IS it similar to the HR interviews taken by companies or different? If yes then how? Thanks

Institutes accepting GMAT score

Somewhere in the site I was reading about GMAT but couldn’t find it now. Actually I had appeared CAT twice before but never got any IIM call and now with 4+ yrs IT experience, GMAT seems to be an easier and better choice. I just wanted the list of all the institutes accepting GMAT scores in India and what are their cutoff scores.


i want get detail sllybus for this nov exam of iift autonomous exam and tips on how should i prepare for this .. how tough is this exam i have done graduation from kolkata university and schooling from delhi. so if i want join delhi iift what i ned to do pls help me.

Time for CAT

Can anyone tell me what is the actual time required to crack the CAT exam for an average student? I am in my final BBA . should I give it a try this year ???

New useful website for preparation of CAT and MAT

Hi, I am a software professional, simultaneously preparing for the MBA. I plan to appear in CAT and few other examinations this year. During my preparation, I came across this useful website, ********************* that provides FREE ONLINE TEST SERIES. Each time I log in, it generates a new and challenging questions paper based on patterns in previous years. The tests durations are also quite flexible varying from 20, 40 or 60 minutes. They also provide a challenge of clearing various difficulty levels from level A to level I. At the end of the test, useful analysis of all the questions is provided. Also, there is a comparison between all the tests we attempt overtime. Guys, you may like to check out this site at least for once if you are preparing for CAT, MAT or other MBA competitive exams.

Worst in CAT or best in MAT

I want to peruse my MBA from a decent institute and I ‘ll be appearing the next MAT exam. What I have heard from others is that its better to join any mba college under CAT than the best institutes that accept MAT score. Is it true or just a false impression.

details of cat examination fee

hello. i want to know cat exam fee details .

Free Mock CAT Dates

Guys can you keep on informing about free MOCK CAT from different coaching centers. I am in IMS but would like to attend the mocks of TIME and CL. So please inform here when ever they announces for a free mock

Any serious cat taker appearing IBSAT

With the notification of ICAFI, the admission session for 2008 is started.( Well I came to know about it from this site). Last year I did nt apply for it but this time I am just thinking The placement in hydrabad has gone quite well and I have heard companies like google has also recruited from icfai hydrabad (pakka news nahi). Though many still feel apprehensive about joining institutes without AICTE approval more than 25K are appearing IBSAT every year. And one more factor is the tuition fee. Where I can found any previous IBAT paper/analysis.

TIME MOCK CATs start 15th July and Career Forum MOCK CATs start 22nd July

Hi, I enquired about the MOCK CATs at TIME You get a package of 15 mock CATS which are conducted in the classroom. 5 CRTS (CAT Replica Test Series) and 5 Mock CATs are given as take home papers. The probable date for the commencement of the Test series is the 15th of July. The first test is usually a scholarship test,offering discounts as per your score. The fees for the course is yet to be decided. and for Career Forum (CF) In order to enroll for the CAT 2007 test series you have the following options. Option I (Focus CAT 2007 Test Pack): => PreCATs - 12 Nationally ranked MockCATs => Countdown (Score Builder): 10 Full-length CATs to handle the variations in CAT => CATSpeedex (Pace Builder): Sectional Speed Exercises => CATArchive (Scope Builder): Test papers patterned on actual CATs Course Fees : Rs.4500/- Option II (CATathlon with Countdown): => PreCATs - 12 Full length nationally ranked MOCK CATs => Countdown - 10 Full length nationally ranked MOCK CATs to handle the variations in CAT Course Fees: Rs.2900/- Option III (CATathlon): => PreCATs - 12 Full length nationally ranked MOCK CATs Course Fees : Rs.1500/-

Can I take up MBA?

Hi.. I am a s/w engg working in TCS for the past 11 months. I am a 2006 passed out (B.E ECE with aggregate of 84%). I want to take up MBA but am not very sure because of my fear to tackle subjects like Economics, Accounts, Commerce etc. Being a science student I have no idea abt all these papers. I am really lost and confused as I am not very clear as to what papers or subjects are there in any MBA course. Can u please clarify and guide me in choosing my career? Thanks in Advance!

Where do the IITs Stand ????????

Hi all, Is it time that we strt givin IITs their share of the pie.. I mean they are not considered in the top 10 .. but i feel they surely can stand up to names like NMIMs and XIMB... So any1 who has been there can put some light as to how good these colls are amongst them Mum, Chn and Del are said to be the Creme de La creme ;).. regards. Kaps

Part Time /Executive MBA

I am thinking of doing the executive or the part time MBA can some1 guide me which course is the best and do we need to take just CAT or any other exam too ? thanks and regards

GK - Exams and books

I know for CAT there is no need to worry about GK but for others its required. Can any one tell me which other exams do ask questions on GK. Please correct/update the following list CAT – no GK XAT – Yes JMET - No FMS – Yes/NO IIFT- Yes IRMA- Yes NMAT – no idea Symbisos – no idea MAT- Yes How you guys are preparing for GK? Any specific book or just news paper/magazines

CAT Doubts

I am MANOJKUMARRAJU studying B.Tech 2nd year in SRI VENKATESWARA UNIVERSITY , TIRUPATI. I want to prepare for CAT sincerely.But I have some doubts. 1)I want to attemp for CAT in 3rd year also to get an idea and my ranking in INDIA. So can I attempt for CAT in 3rd year?i.e only I want to write CAT ,but not to join in 3rd year. I will also write CAT in final year B.Tech also.Then I want to join in IIMs.Please explain me. 2)Can you send me the CAT examination centres in INDIA? 3)Can you give me the information about CAT COACHING CENTRES and whichone is the best in those? Please send me the available coaching centres for CAT in TIRUPATI and the best one. 4)How can I improve my ENGLISH VOCABULARY in an easy way in the period of two years for CAT?

best option

Which of the following is the best option for a person having 3.6 years of work-experience? a. 1 year MBA b. 2 year MBA c. GMAT and mba in abroad d. Part time MBA

How good is ICFAI?

I have read many posts regarding ICFAI in many forums but still couldn’t make up my mind – is it worth joining or not. Few wrote they got 8+ packages but most advice not to join any such institute which is not AICTE affiliated. What is the true story?

Score Card Problem

If you are getting the following error message

Sorry No Results Found.

You have not attempted any test/flt/mock on this site. My Score page shows you the details of all the exams you have appeared on this site.

Even after appearing test/flts/mocks then please change your user name and let it be of less than 8 characters. Why so – technical part? In the main data base user table we allow up to 32 bit of character but in the result table (which is in a different database altogether) the user name field is only of 8 characters (why so again?)

Institutes under SNAP

How good are institutes accepting SNAP scores I have heard that most of the symbiosis institutes are costly and except SCMHRD none ranks in top 25 ?

where to find money to make my MBA

hi iam sathish, just now joined a software company and bonded to work two years there. but now my heart beats for MBA after these two years. i am reeady to prepare myself. but i think i can't pay the huge money. are there any options. kindly reply me.mail me if you can to phone : 0091-9345773878

Is time still left for CAT 07

I am new to this forum and just wanted to know if time is still left for CAT 07

can i appear for cat or mat

i just want to ask that can i appear for cat exam before completing graduation if yes then how many times?

serious confusion

plz tell me for QUANT,out of sarvesh kumar verma,arun sharma,trishna book,nishit book which book is best which can teach right from basics clearing all concepts. i m in 3rd year of engg.