n. - A paltry or disreputable fellow; a mean wretch.
n. - A person who wears ragged clothing.
n. - The long-tailed titmouse.

Ragamuffin means 'a dirty, disreputable person in ragged clothes, especially a child'. It's a Middle English word that was originally used as an insulting personal name

Usage: I am sure I looked like a ragamuffin after the long hike in the wind and dust

Byeond The meaning:

The word ragamuffin is formed from the elements raggi, an adjective meaning 'ragged' (yes, it derives from rag), and muffin, of uncertain origin though perhaps from a Middle Dutch word meaning 'mitten'. (It is not related to the word muffin 'small cup-shaped cake', which is itself of uncertain origin, but it is not found until around 1700.)

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