adjective No longer effective, capable, or valuable : done, done for, finished, through, washed-up.
Idioms: at the end of thelineroad, over the hill, past one's prime

Usage : 1. washing machine is suddenly kaput.
2. old car finally went kaput.

Beyond the meaning : ka·put also ka·putt

The word kaput, used in various related senses having the general meaning 'done for; ruined; broken; etc.', is a borrowing from German, where it had the same sense. The German word is borrowed from the French capot, which meant 'without tricks (in the card game piquet)', that is, 'having a score of zero'. The semantics are similar to bust, which can mean both 'ruined' and 'over the limit and hence losing the hand (in the card game blackjack)', except that of course the blackjack sense is a development of the 'ruined' sense, while kaput is the other way around.

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