Face time

noun 1. Time spent interacting with someone in person, rather than via email or some other electronic link. or like

2. Time spent interacting in the presence of or in the same location as another or others or

3. the amount of time one spends appearing on television

Usage: "John and Heather duly dispatched their pictures, both of which showed pleasant, open, plumpish faces. Both liked what they saw, but there still remained the underlying worry that neither might be the person they said they were. It was not until eight months after they first made computer contact that the couple finally secured what is termed 'face time' — a meeting in person."

putting in face time in the office instead of working at home.

Beyond the meaning: Face time is important for its unique characteristics of eye contact and touch. Various simulations that serve as an alternative to face time do not have these features (yet). Quality time is the idea of surrounding oneself with others of value, while having low obligations and being oriented towards fun (see Anthropological theories of value). This sort of behaviour is possible in non-face time situations like chat rooms, but it is widely felt that fun in a chat room does not qualify as quality time

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