Tips and Strategies

Quick Tips for Data Interpretation

 In gleaning data from a chart, graph or table, it's remarkably easy to inadvertently grab your data from the wrong graph, bar, line, etc. This is the #1 cause of incorrect responses in CAT Data Interpretation. To avoid this blunder, point your finger/pencil to the data you want; put your finger/pencil directly against the question paper and keep it there until you're sure you're looking at the right part of the right chart or graph.

The Last TIP

Just 7 days to go for the most hyped competitive exam held in India. All the years of preparation will be determined in the given 2hr 30 minutes. Few will remain in compose during the exam and 'll leave the hall exam with a broad smile but most of the cat takers 'll have a different day on 19th Nov. 2006.

Do you need an MBA Degree ?

Do you really need to have an MBA degree? Have enough reasons? If yes - then please go through the following lines it might help you else STOP here.

How much time should I spend on CAT preparation?

This is the most common question asked by many cat takers esp. those who have just started their preparation and it is the most difficult question to give an answer. One can be give the guidance only if all the details of that person are known. To find a standard answer to this question one must consider few parameters. Go through the following few lines carefully if are unsure about how much time you should spend on your preparation, it might help you.

A new RC Pattern

Few numbered paragraphs are given below. If matched properly they will form a coherent article. Read all the paragraphs

carefully and arrange them to form that meaningful article.

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