1. The test comprises of 20 questions. You should complete the test within 15 minutes.
2. There is only one correct answer to each question.
3. All questions carry four marks each.
4. Each wrong answer will attract a penalty of one mark.

1. What is the name of the advanced guided Indian missile frigate, which will be commissioned for deployment in security operations under the western naval command?

  • a. Ins Sutlej
  • b. Ins Chenab
  • c. Ins Beas
  • d. Ins Ravi
  • e.Not Attempted

2. Which was the first business school in the world to offer a full-fledged master's degree in management in 1910, two years after it was founded, in 1908 ?

  • a. MIT
  • b. Harvard
  • c. Insead
  • d. London Business School
  • e.Not Attempted

3. Which was the world's first postage stamp?

  • a. Penny Black
  • b. 5-cent Franklin
  • c. 10 centimes bister
  • d. None of these
  • e.Not Attempted

4. With which genre of literature would you most readily associate Edger Allen Poe?

  • a. Sonnets
  • b. Novels
  • c. Short stories
  • d. Darma
  • e.Not Attempted

5. Which was the first movie magazine?

  • a. Photoplay
  • b. Esquire
  • c. Playboy
  • d. TIME
  • e.Not Attempted

6. Which Indian company signed a joint venture agreement with France-based Mob Outillage SA, to manufacture files and rasps in India?

  • a. Raymond Ltd
  • b. Aditya Birla Group
  • c. Godrej
  • d. Reliance Industries
  • e.Not Attempted

7. This famous company bought the consumer durables brand Braun in 1967 and later bought the Parker pen brand, in 1993. In 1996 it merged with Duracell. Name it.

  • a. Unilever
  • b. Gillette
  • c. Eveready
  • d. GE
  • e.Not Attempted

8. Who pioneered the world's first ambulance?

  • a. British
  • b. Americans
  • c. French
  • d. Indian
  • e.Not Attempted

9. The proponent of the Bhakti Cut from Bengal was ____________.

  • a. Ramanand
  • b. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu
  • c. Namdev
  • d. Ramanuja
  • e.Not Attempted

10. Which company is planning to launch the energy drink `Gatorade' in India soon?

  • a. Coca-Cola
  • b. Kelloggs
  • c. Pepsi
  • d. Hindustan Lever
  • e.Not Attempted

11. The naval equivalent of commissioned rank of Colonel in Army is

  • a. Commodore
  • b. Admiral
  • c. Captain
  • d. Lieutenant
  • e.Not Attempted

12. Who made the first rubber balloons?

  • a. Michael Faraday
  • b. Etienne Montgolfier
  • c. Neither
  • d. Evian Galileo
  • e.Not Attempted

13. Which country shares its name with its capital?

  • a. Monaco
  • b. Malta
  • c. Liberia
  • d. Uruguay
  • e.Not Attempted

14. Which famous personality appears in the TV commercials for `Wheel' detergent?

  • a. Sunil Shetty
  • b. Vinod Kambli
  • c. Govinda
  • d. Sonali Bendre
  • e.Not Attempted

15. 'Onomatopoeic' words are

  • a. words that read the same backwards as well as forwards e.g. madam.
  • b. words that sound like the noise they describe e.g. meow, crunch.
  • c. sets of initials designed to be said as though they are words e.g. RADAR, NASA.
  • d. words that sound same but have different meanings e.g. two, too.
  • e. Not Attempted

16. Which was the world's oldest known printed book?

  • a. Gutenberg's Bible
  • b. The Recuyell of the Historyes of Troye
  • c. The Diamond Sutra
  • d. None of the above
  • e.Not Attempted

17. Entomology is the study of _____________ .

  • a. Plants
  • b. Insects
  • c. Animals
  • d. Bones
  • e.Not Attempted

18. Which airline recently announced the closure of its operations following Air New Zealand's withdrawal from a bailout plan?

  • a. Qantas
  • b. Ansett
  • c. Thai Airways
  • d. Air Australia
  • e.Not Attempted

19. Economic planning is an important feature of what kind of economy?

  • a. Socialist economy
  • b. Dual economy
  • c. Capitalist economy
  • d. Lassize-faire
  • e.Not Attempted

20. Which was America's first daily newspaper?

  • a. Chicago Tribune
  • b. New York Times
  • c. The Pennsylvania Evening Post
  • d. Washington Times
  • e.Not Attempted

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