1. The test comprises of 20 questions. You should complete the test within 15 minutes.
2. There is only one correct answer to each question.
3. All questions carry four marks each.
4. Each wrong answer will attract a penalty of one mark.

1. Which of the following is exclusively concerned with the credit needs of all types of agricultural and rural development in India?

  • a. IBRD
  • b. RBI
  • c. NABARD
  • d. SBI
  • e.Not Attempted

2. The largest retailer of the world is

  • a. IBM
  • b. Wal-Mart
  • c. Macys
  • d. Spancer
  • e.Not Attempted

3. Which software is used to transfer music to iPod?

  • a. iphone
  • b. Jukebox
  • c. iTunes
  • d. Ares
  • e.Not Attempted

4. Which was the first car to have a iPod automobile interface?

  • a. Volvo
  • b. Toyota
  • c. BMW
  • d. Renault
  • e.Not Attempted

5. In Which indian city the first mobile phone operation was launched?

  • a. Calcutta
  • b. Delhi
  • c. Mumbai
  • d. Banglore
  • e.Not Attempted

6. The main function of the National Development Council in India is to

  • a. Promote national integration
  • b. Review the working of the National Plan from time to time
  • c. Develop villages
  • d. None of the above
  • e.Not Attempted

7. The president of NASSCOM is

  • a. Ashok Soota
  • b. Pradip Kar
  • c. Jerry Rao
  • d. Kiran Karnik
  • e.Not Attempted

8. `Expect great things' is the baseline of

  • a. Oracle
  • b. IBM
  • c. GenPact
  • d. CA
  • e.Not Attempted

9. She is the richest woman in India and is the owner of Biocon International. Identify her from the given options

  • a. Indira Nooyi
  • b. Kiran Majumdar Shaw
  • c. Chanda Kochar
  • d. Anu Agha
  • e.Not Attempted

10. Which brand has replaced Modi Telstra in the Kolkata market following withdrawal of the Australian company Telstra?

  • a. Airtel
  • b. SPice
  • c. Orange
  • d. AirCell
  • e.Not Attempted

11. Which of the following States leads in commerce and industry?

  • a. Maharashtra
  • b. Tamil Nadu
  • c. Uttar Pradesh
  • d. West Bengal
  • e.Not Attempted

12. The name by which the Indica car is known as in UK is

  • a. Player
  • b. Mover
  • c. City Rover
  • d. Cruiser
  • e.Not Attempted

13. An increase in the supply of money will, ceteris paribus, tend to cause the rate of interest to fall unless

  • a. The economy is at the top of a boom
  • b. The bank rate is lowered at the same time
  • c. The demand for money increases at the same time
  • d. The multiplier is zero
  • e.Not Attempted

14. Which of the following is also known as ‘The land of midnight sun’?

  • a. Japan
  • b. South Korea
  • c. Norway
  • d. Italy
  • e.Not Attempted

15. Although Hutchison Telecom markets the brand Orange in Mumbai, this brand is owned by the company which has a 26 per cent stake in BPL Mobile. Name the international company which owns the brand.

  • a. British Telecom
  • b. France Telecom
  • c. AT & T
  • d. MTN
  • e. Not Attempted

16. Which of activities dominates the economy of Jharkhand?

  • a. Commercial agriculture
  • b. Exploitation of mineral resources
  • c. Small-scale handicraft industries
  • d. Transport industry
  • e.Not Attempted

17. The name of the space shuttle in which Kalpana Chawla was travelling and that met with a fatal accident is

  • a. Discovery
  • b. Columbia
  • c. Explorer
  • d. Spirit
  • e.Not Attempted

18. Considered the world's oldest chemicals company, it was founded in 1758 and merged with Ciba a few decades ago, and recently merged with another pharmaceutical company to form Novartis. Name the company.

  • a. Roche
  • b. Geigy
  • c. Hoeschst
  • d. Sandoz
  • e.Not Attempted

19. `As comfortable as wearing nothing at all' is the baseline of

  • a. Acuvue
  • b. Rayban
  • c. Stayfree
  • d. Rupa
  • e.Not Attempted

20. The scheduled commercial banks in the public sector account for what percentage of commercial banking system in India?

  • a. 60 percent
  • b. 70 percent
  • c. 80 percent
  • d. 90 percent
  • e.Not Attempted

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