1. The test comprises of 20 questions. You should complete the test within 15 minutes.
2. There is only one correct answer to each question.
3. All questions carry four marks each.
4. Each wrong answer will attract a penalty of one mark.

1. Which planet is smaller than the Earth's moon?

  • a. Mercurye
  • b. Mars
  • c. Pluto
  • d. Neptune
  • e.Not Attempted

2. Where is Bata Shoes headquarters located?

  • a. Switzerland
  • b. England
  • c. France
  • d. US
  • e.Not Attempted

3. With which Indian entertainment group has MGM tied up with, to set up a movie-based TV channel?

  • a. Zee
  • b. Sony
  • c. Sahara
  • d. DD
  • e.Not Attempted

4. `Driving in England is so cool.... How about driving in Switzerland?' is the baseline of

  • a. British Airways
  • b. Peter ENgland
  • c. Switzerland Tourism
  • d. None of the above
  • e.Not Attempted

5. What name would you associate with the brand Health Total, a nutrition-based planned weight loss program?

  • a. Berkowitz
  • b. Talwalkars
  • c. Taj Group of Hotels
  • d. Anjali Mukherjee
  • e.Not Attempted

6. Tuberculosis is a

  • a. Viral infection
  • b. Bacterial infection
  • c. Parasitic infection
  • d. Fungal infection
  • e.Not Attempted

7. In which year is the Tata small car expected to roll out?

  • a. 2008
  • b. 2009
  • c. 2010
  • d. 2011
  • e.Not Attempted

8. Name the car company which will offer engineering support to the Tata project?

  • a. General Motors
  • b. Fiat
  • c. Hyundai
  • d. Reanult
  • e.Not Attempted

9. Which magazine has the world's highest paid-circulation figures?

  • a. Time
  • b. TV Guide
  • c. Reader's Digest
  • d. National Geographic
  • e.Not Attempted

10. Top Gear is the retail outlet of which indian company

  • a. HP
  • b. IOC
  • c. Reliance
  • d. BP
  • e.Not Attempted

11. Name the automobile company which locked horns with the Tatas over the opposition by the locals to setting up the Singur factory

  • a. Photoluminescence
  • b. Electroluminescence
  • c. Bioluminescence
  • d. Radioluminescence
  • e.Not Attempted

12. Which pizza chain has tied up with Hindustan Petroleum to vend pizzas across its petrol stations?

  • a. US Pizza
  • b. Pizza Hut
  • c. Domino's
  • d. Subway
  • e.Not Attempted

13. As per research on advertising spends in magazines in the US, which category spends the highest on advertising in magazines?

  • a. Automotive
  • b. Retail
  • c. Cosmetics & beauty aids
  • d. Computers, software & the Internet
  • e.Not Attempted

14. Which search engine was first named Architext and created by a group of Stanford University grads? -

  • a. Google
  • b. yahoo
  • c. Excite
  • d. AOL
  • e.Not Attempted

15. What is the name of Tainwala Chemicals' mosquito repellant brand?

  • a. Casper
  • b. All out
  • c. Hit
  • d. None of the above
  • e. Not Attempted

16. What does the word 'Amul' mean?

  • a. Delicious
  • b. Tasty
  • c. Priceless
  • d. gold
  • e.Not Attempted

17. Which Indian fashion designer was prominently in the news when tennis star Anna Kournikova wore his design on the ramp during a fashion show in Paris?

  • a. Ritu Beri
  • b. Rohit Bal
  • c. M F Hussain
  • d. J J Valya
  • e.Not Attempted

18. Which Indian retail chain was started by former Carona employee B.S Nagesh? -

  • a. Shopper's Stop
  • b. Big Bazzar
  • c. Westside
  • d. Anheuser–Busch
  • e.Not Attempted

19. Which current TV commercial for exterior paints is based on the mythical character Lord Yama?

  • a. Snowcem
  • b. Asian Paints Tractor
  • c. Nerolac Excel
  • d. Jenson & Nicholson
  • e.Not Attempted

20. The maximum foreign branches of Indian Banks are in

  • a. U.S.A.
  • b. U.K
  • c. Fiji
  • d. Bangladesh
  • e.Not Attempted

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