1. The test comprises of 20 questions. You should complete the test within 15 minutes.
2. There is only one correct answer to each question.
3. All questions carry four marks each.
4. Each wrong answer will attract a penalty of one mark.

1. Who of the following is the managing partner of the noted law firm Amarchand Mangaldas?

  • a. Cyril Shroff
  • b. Adil Zainulbhai
  • c. Sanjay Nayar
  • d. AnuAga
  • e.Not Attempted

2.One of the following IT companies belongs to the Aditya Vikram Birla group. Identity it.

  • a. PSI Data Systems
  • b. Mphasis
  • c. Chip Logica
  • d. Analog Devices
  • e.Not Attempted

3. India’s largest tractor manufacturer Mahindra & Mahindra had recently made a takeover bid on a European company, Universal Tractors. The company is based in

  • a. England
  • b. Finland
  • c. Norway
  • d. Romania
  • e.Not Attempted

4. This domestic tyre manufacturer also happens to be the joint-promoter of toy manufacturer ‘Funskool’. We are talking about which company?

  • a. JKTyre
  • b. Ceat Tyre
  • c. MRF Tyre
  • d. Apollo Tyre
  • e.Not Attempted

5. One of the following domestic pharmaceutical companies is also present in the power sector. Identify the company.

  • a. Zydus Cadilla
  • b. Glenmark
  • c. Torrent
  • d. Abott
  • e.Not Attempted

6. Bharti and Piramal group had exited the airport upgradation project. Bharti and Piramal group had participated in the tender process in association with

  • a. Chagai and Hochtief respectively
  • b. Hochtief and Changi respectively
  • c. Changi and TAV respectively
  • d. Essel and Gamon respectively
  • e.Not Attempted

7. Which famous Bollywood actress has started a business venture of marketing high-priced candles under the label, The Faraway Tree?

  • a. Rekha
  • b. Sushmita sen
  • c. Moonmoon Sen
  • d. Dimple Kapadia
  • e.Not Attempted

8. Which famous company is credited to have developed the concept of nylon bristles for toothbrushes in 1938?

  • a. 3M
  • b. Colgate
  • c. Ciba-Gigey
  • d. Dupont
  • e.Not Attempted

9. Which famous watch brand was launched in 1983 by hanging a 500-ft-long sign in the shape of a watch in Frankfurt?

  • a. Swatch
  • b. Longines
  • c. Casio
  • d. Rolex
  • e.Not Attempted

10. That famous company was set up in July 1968 as NM Electronics in Silicon Valley, named after its two famous founders?

  • a. Intel
  • b. Microsoft
  • c. Apple
  • d. Sun Microsystems
  • e.Not Attempted

11. Which famous brand is owned by a little known Acme Clothing?

  • a. Polo
  • b. John Sculley
  • c. Provouge
  • d. ColorPlus
  • e.Not Attempted

12. Which company is known as Big Blue?

  • a. IBM
  • b. Bluetooth Inc
  • c. Pepsi
  • d. Reliance
  • e.Not Attempted

13. Nicolas Leonard Sadi Carnot, the noted French physicist is associated with what branch of study?

  • a. Thermodynamics
  • b. Sub atomic particle theory
  • c. Superconductivity
  • d. None of these
  • e.Not Attempted

14. Identify the odd man out

  • a. Standard & Poor
  • b. Moody’s
  • c. Forrester
  • d. ICRA
  • e.Not Attempted

15. "Nestle is headquartered at

  • a. Switzerland
  • b. Spain
  • c. Sweden
  • d. France
  • e. Not Attempted

16. Chevron Texaco is headquartered at

  • a. Netherlands
  • b. Spain
  • c. United States
  • d. Canada
  • e.Not Attempted

17. Which company has launched a notebook computer, which would automatically convert paper-based information into digital information

  • a. IBM
  • b. Compaq
  • c. HP
  • d. HCL
  • e.Not Attempted

18. Which food chain was recently in news for using beef extracts in French fries?

  • a. Pizza Hut
  • b. McDonald's
  • c. Nirula's
  • d. None of the above
  • e.Not Attempted

19. What is the most common Element on Earth ?

  • a. Hydrogen
  • b. Oxygen
  • c. CO2
  • d. Halogen
  • e.Not Attempted

20. What is the speed of sound at sea level called?

  • a. FUGI 2
  • b. MACH 1
  • c. MESA 1
  • d. ASIO 2
  • e.Not Attempted

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