TEST- English Usage 009

1. The test comprises of 20 questions. You should complete the test within 15 minutes.
2. There is only one correct answer to each question.
3. All questions carry four marks each.
4. Each wrong answer will attract a penalty of one mark.

Directions for questions 1 to 5: Select the lettered pair in the following analogy questions that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original capitalised pair.

Question Number 1. BEAR: LUMBER
  • a. Deer : strong
  • b. Cat: Stealth
  • c. Frisk : Lamb
  • d. Lion : Growls
  • e.Not Attempted

Question Number 2. RUDDER : SHIP
  • a. wheel : car
  • b. motor : truck
  • c. oar : boat
  • d. string : kite
  • e.Not Attempted

Question Number 3. ODYSSEY: GREEK
  • a. Utopia : English
  • b. Tulsi Das : Sanskrit
  • c. Monalisa : English
  • d. Dante : Latin
  • e.Not Attempted

Question Number 4. STALLION : ROOSTER
  • a. buck : doe
  • b. filly : colt
  • c. horse : chicken
  • d. mare : hen
  • e.Not Attempted

Question Number 5. MASON : WAL
  • a. artist : easel
  • b. fisherman : trout
  • c. author : book
  • d. congressman : senator
  • e.Not Attempted

Directions for questions 6 to 9: From the alternatives, choose the one which correctly classifies the four sentences as a
F: Fact: If it relates to a known matter of direct observation, or an existing reality or something known to be true
J: Judgment: If it is an opinion or estimate or anticipation of common sense or intention.
I: Inference: If it is logical conclusion or deduction about something based on the knowledge of facts

Question Number 6. A. Unless the banks agree to a deferment of interest, we cannot show profits this year. B. This would not have happened had we adopted a stricter credit scheme C. The revenue so far cover only cost and salaries D. Let us learn a lesson: we cannot make profits without complete control over credit
  • a. IIJF
  • b. IJFI
  • c. FJIF
  • d. FJFI
  • e.Not Attempted

Question Number 7. A. Qualities cannot be injected into one’s personality B. They are completely dependent on the genetic configuration that one inherits C. Hence changing our inherent traits is impossible as the genes are unalterable D. The least one can do is to try and subdue the ‘bad qualities’
  • a. FIJI
  • b. JFFI
  • c. JFIJ
  • d. JIFI
  • e.Not Attempted

Question Number 8. A. Everything is purposeless. B. Nothing before and after the existence of universe is known with certainty C. Man is apart of the purposeless universe; hence, man is also purposeless. D. There is only one-way of adding purpose to this universe: Union and Him
  • a. JFIJ
  • b. FJJI
  • c. JFFI
  • d. IJFI
  • e.Not Attempted

Question Number 9. A. Everyday social life is impossible without interpersonal relationships. B. The root of many misunderstandings has been cited in poor relations among individuals. C. Assuming the above to be true, social life will be much better if people understand the importance of good interpersonal relations D. A study reveals that interpersonal relations and hence life in general can be improved with a little effort on the part of individuals.
  • a. FJIJ
  • b. JFIF
  • c. FIFJ
  • d. IFFJ
  • e.Not Attempted

Directions for questions 10 to 15: Choose the lettered word or phrase that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in capital letters.

Question Number 10. FIASCO
  • a. cameo
  • b. mansion
  • c. pollution
  • d. success
  • e.Not Attempted

Question Number 11. DESECRATE
  • a. desist
  • b. integrate
  • c. confuse
  • d. consecrate
  • e.Not Attempted

Question Number 12. LUGUBRIOUS
  • a. frantic
  • b. cheerful
  • c. burdensome
  • d. oily
  • e.Not Attempted

Question Number 13. VALEDICTORY
  • a. sad
  • b. collegiate
  • c. derivative
  • d. salutory
  • e.Not Attempted

Question Number 14. RETENTIVE
  • a. forgetful
  • b. accepting
  • c. receptive
  • d. avoiding
  • e.Not Attempted

Question Number 15. OVERWEENING
  • a. humble
  • b. impotent
  • c. avid
  • d. acrimonious
  • e.Not Attempted

Directions for questions 16 to 20: In each of the following sentences, a part of the sentence is underlines. Four different ways of phrasing the underlined part are given. Choose the best alternatives.

Question Number 16. A huge flying reptile that died out with the dinosaurs some 65 million years ago, the Quetzalcoatlus had a wingspan of 36 feet, believed to be the largest flying creature the world has ever seen.
  • a. believed to be
  • b. and that is believed to be
  • c. and it is believed to have been
  • d. which was, it is believed
  • e.Not Attempted

Question Number 17. Carnivorous mammals can endure what would otherwise be lethal levels of body heat because they have a heat-exchange network which kept the brain from getting too hot.
  • a. which kept
  • b. that keeps
  • c. which has kept
  • d. that has been keeping
  • e.Not Attempted

Question Number 18. I have to admit that he is smart of all the colleagues.
  • a. he is smart of all the colleagues.
  • b. he is smartest of all the colleagues.
  • c. he is most smartest of all the colleagues.
  • d. he is the smartest of all the colleagues.
  • e.Not Attempted

Question Number 19. Her way of doing things was different than what the previous principal did.
  • a. was different than what the previous principal did.
  • b. differed from that of the previous principal.
  • c. was different from the previous principal did.
  • d. was different from that of the previous principal.
  • e.Not Attempted

Question Number 20. Like Rousseau, Tolstoi rebelled against the unnatural complexity of human relations in modern society.
  • a. Like Rousseau, Tolstoi rebelled
  • b. Like Rousseau, Tolstoi’s rebellion was
  • c. As Rousseau, Tolstoi rebelled
  • d. As did Rousseau, Tolstoi’s rebellion was
  • e.Not Attempted

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