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A degree of Part time MBA serves no purpose. Few might go against the above statement but that is the truth, Few might get dishearten but I don’t have any good words to assuage them. The simple truth is that perusing a part time MBA in INDIA is like doing a part of MBA – a part-time MBA just does not provides the same status-quo, as a full time 2year/1 year MBA course, neither to your current employer nor to the future recruiter.


PRESS RELEASE / notification KMAT 2007

( Karnataka Management Aptitude Test ) ON 8TH JULY 2007 for MBA/MCA ASPIRANTS

CAT Trend & Analysis

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Mathematical Aptitude

The three most favorite topics for CAT makers are Number system, Algebra and Geometry. To know why & how - Let's first find out how many questions are being asked from different chapters in last few CAT exams.

Part Time MBA from VGSOM, IIT Kharagpur

Part Time MBA from VGSOM, IIT Kharagpur

This programme a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management is designed for the working execs who want to pursue a Management degree from a top class institute but due to professional and personal reasons cannot opt for a full time 2yr MBA course.

The classes are held on weekends in 3 Centres: Bhubaneswar, Kharagpur and Kolkata. The course is not that hectic that one will have problems in managing both the job and the course. It is designed to suit the working execs.

AICTE instructions regarding refund of fees for B schools

The AICTE has announced new guidelines for B school to deduct the processing fee when a student leaves the institute before the commencement of classes. As per the new instruction no institute can deduct more than Rs. 1000.

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