IRMA 2006

IRMA 2006 - Exam date November 26, 2006

No Surprises, No pattern change & Easy questions. After the fiasco of CAT, IRMA06 was reliving to all. IRMA had always followed a pattern (which is very similar to bank PO and Indian railway exams rather than any main stream MBA entrance exam).

The paper had 200 questions distributed among four sections - Quant + DI, English Usage, Reasoning and General Awareness with emphasis on social issues. The time limit was 2 hr and each question carried a negative mark of -1/4. The paper was easy so the cutoff 'll be in higher side.

IIFT 2006

IIFT 2006 - Exam Date November 26, 2006 Get the answers of IIFT 2006

A different date, a different place and a different exam but the experience was same as it was on CAT day - A tough paper with many surprises. If you have not performed well then do not worry much as the case is same with all.

Few might argue that this years IIFT was tougher than CAT and they are not wrong considering the fact that the number of correct answers were not limited to one. In CAT all the questions had only correct answer but in IIFT there were many questions for which students had to find out all the correct answers. That requires not only reading all the questions but also reading all the available answers and that's both confusing and time consuming.

FMS 2007

Following the pattern of previous year FMS 2007 had 175 questions with 4 marks for each question and negative 1 for each wrong answer. If any thing had changed in the paper compared to last year then it was the level of difficulty to the dislike of many aspirants who must have thought to give their best try in the last big exam of this year. Few other changes were:

1.The number of questions in English section was reduced and compensated by questions from Data verification. 2. There were no questions from General Awareness and Business Awareness though it was mentioned in the brochure. (In the previous edition there was no question from these sections either) 3. The options were given in a new manner which was easy for eyes.

The only respite for students was that there was no section demarcation (as it was always with FMS). So, students had nothing to worry about the sectional cutoffs. Questions from favorite areas should have been given priority in selecting the questions. An ideal attempt should have been 105+ with 85% accuracy.

Paper Pattern Time Allocated: 120 minutes Number of Sections: 1 Number of questions: 175 Number of choices per question: 4 Correct answer per question: 1 Marks allocated to each question: 4 Negative mark per each wrong answer: -1

Expected Cutoff: 305 - 325 for Full Time MBA program. 280 - 300 for MBA(MS) Program.


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CAT is over and so is my dream by born4iim

I reached my center at 9.30 thinking that I am just too early but when I entered the gate of the school I thought I must be the last person to reach the center. More than 1000 nervous IIM aspirants were moving here and there. All the seating places near stair were filled. I went to the notice board to check out my room number. After being fully assured that there is no place to seat down I went out of the campus but the place near the gate was too heavy with cigarette smoke to my dislike so I went back inside the campus and waited for the first bill to ring. We are allowed to go inside at 10am.

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