IRMA 2 in Bhubaneswar

KIIT deemed University with the help of Verghese Kurien (the man behind India's first rural management school - IRMA) is going to set up a rural management institute in Bhubaneswar in parallel with Institute of Rural Management at Anand. KIIT is one of the premier Engineering colleges in orissa. In last one decade the institutes has achieved many mile stones and has been successful in bringing many talented professors to it. The proposed institute‘ll be named as Kalinga School of Rural Management (KSRM) and KIIT has allocated 15 acres of land for it.

Late Comers Can’t be achievers

Time - that’s what always been the worst managed part of time group products. But the organization is such a huge one that they have sustained every where they have entered, though they are not the market leaders. There are many who still read times of India for articles related to bollywod stuffs but never for anything serious. They started ZOOM when people in India were bored with the entertainment channels and then came TIMES NOW (I think u must have heard about it – no kidding I love to watch THE GAME program of this channel).

IIFT 2006

IIFT 2006 Exam Date November 26, 2006 Read the complete analysis of IIFT 2006. SET A Q1. A,D Q2.

SNAP 2006

SNAP 2006 - Exam Date December 17, 2006.

The paper was as expected. No surprise, No format Change. The questions were easy and would required only basic knowledge of mathematics and English. The questions in quant/DI section were straight-forward in the sense that most of them were direct formula based without requiring much of logic. The only problem was the students were asked to use ball point pen for shading the ovals which was inconvenient for all.

Paper Pattern Time Allocated: 120 minutes Number of sections: 4 Time for each Section: No such constraint Number of questions: 165 Total Marks allocated: 200 Number of choices per question: 4 Correct answer per question: 1 Marks allocated to each question: 2 for Reasoning and 1 for the rest Negative mark per each wrong answer: -1/2 for reasoning and -1/4 for the rest.

NMAT 2006

NMAT 2006 - Exam date December 10th, 2006

The aim of the paper was to spread Feel Good Factor. The paper was like what CAT used to be in early 90s " a test of speed and question selection". The job was to pick up all the sitters/easy among few moderate/difficult questions.

Paper Pattern Time Allocated: 150 minutes Number of Sections: 5 Number of questions: 200 Number of choices per question: 4 Correct answer per question: 1 Marks allocated to each question: 1 Negative mark per each wrong answer: -1/4

Expected Cutoff: 85-88

MAT 2006 December

MAT 2006 December - Exam Date 3rd December , 2006.

MAT is considered to be the easiest among all the entrance exams held in India. But this year it was not the case. Like CAT and IIFT the pattern of the paper was different though it was not as tough as any of them but the questions were difficult than those in IRMA.

The test comprised of 200 questions distributed equally among 5 sections – Maths , English Usage, Data Interpretation/Data Sufficiency, Reasoning and General Awareness. Though GA score is not considered while calculating the final percentile, many institutes does consider it while calling students for Group Discussion and Interview.

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