Work Experience

Only full-time, paid, permanent positions after the first degree are considered as the work experience. The internships, project works, summer training and similar experiences gained during college certainly helps students in interview and other parts of the selection process but they are never considered as work experience.

Work Experience as defined by the IIM
"Work Experience Indicate only paid and full-time work experience, acquired after completing the Bachelor’s Degree, as on December 31 of the year of. Apprenticeship, Article, Internship etc. , which form an integral part of a course of study , should not be treated as work experience. Write in the 3-digit cell the number of months of your work experience and darken the appropriate circles. If the duration of your work experience is in one or two digits, and the appropriate number of zeros on the left to make it a 3-digit number. For example 6 months should be entered as 006, and 3 years, 5 months as 041."

The weightge given to work experience vary from Institute to institute and also depends upon the course. S.P Jain gives a lot of importance to work experience and for specialization like IT in the institute one need to have at least 12 months of work-ex. IIMs do give importance to work-ex and an applicant with work experience of more than 18 months always get preference over a fresher with same percentile.

The best way to know how much weightge is given to work-ex by a particular institute is to check out the current batch profile. The percentage of students with work-ex in premier institutes like IIM, XLRI , FMS , SP Jain varies from 15-50 and The average number of years of full-time work experience varies from 0-24 months , Though of all these statistics are increasing with each year. Off late it has been observed that many engineering graduates join b school after working in a topnotch IT company.

In US it s mandatory to have an work-ex for applying an MBA program but the case is not so in India and thus the curriculum of top B schools are made in a way that a fresher can follow with out much problem. There are many benefits of going for MBA after getting a good work experience of few years. It is always beneficial to the students and the company which recruits them in b school campus. All the top b schools now have started the facility of lateral placement where students with work experience gets a chance to join their dream company with a position higher than MT (Management Trainee). The packages offered to work-ex students are always in higher side and that makes the average salary of all the institutes a bit surprising. If the average salary for freshers and students with work-ex is calculated then both will be at quite apart for all the institutes.

“So is it necessary to have few years of work-ex before applying for MBA? ” The answer should be given on the basis of a student profile but in general if one gets a call from top B school after graduation then there is no need to join an organization for the sake of work-ex. But students who get a good percentile (say something more than 90 in CAT) in their first attempt with out any final call from a top b school should wait for another year and in the mean time should take up a JOB. Those who get a job in campus should join the organization and try for CAT after 2 years of work-ex.

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