SNAP 2006

SNAP 2006 - Exam Date December 17, 2006.

The paper was as expected. No surprise, No format Change. The questions were easy and would required only basic knowledge of mathematics and English. The questions in quant/DI section were straight-forward in the sense that most of them were direct formula based without requiring much of logic. The only problem was the students were asked to use ball point pen for shading the ovals which was inconvenient for all.

Paper Pattern
Time Allocated: 120 minutes
Number of sections: 4
Time for each Section: No such constraint
Number of questions: 165
Total Marks allocated: 200
Number of choices per question: 4
Correct answer per question: 1
Marks allocated to each question: 2 for Reasoning and 1 for the rest
Negative mark per each wrong answer: -1/2 for reasoning and -1/4 for the rest.

Expected Cutoff:
SIBM: 90+
SIIB: 75-80 for
SITM: 70-72

Quant & DI: (No. of questions: 50, Good score: 22+)
The questions in this section can be categorized as of easy-moderate level though it was not as easy as it was last year. With a good grasp of the fundamentals one could have easily scored more than 20. Most of the questions were direct and simple calculation based. Questions were well balanced and were asked from all the topics covered in quant section.
Topics Covered: all the topics were covered - Number System, Series, SI/CI /P&L, Ratio Proportion/Mixture, TSD/work, Geometry, P&C, Sets, Average, Probability, Clocks
DI: There were 20 questions distributed equally among 5 sets. Four questions from data sufficiency which were at best can be described as sitters , One pie chart , 2 tables and one miscellaneous on car and trucks.

Reasoning :(No. of questions: 35, Good score: 32+)
The questions in this section can be categorized as above average and it was the toughest section in the paper. Question selection should have been given of prime importance in this section.Visual based questions were new and must have surprised all. All the questions in this section carried 2 marks so an attempt of 22+ with a score of 32-35 can be considered as good.
Question Areas: Critical Reasoning: average+, puzzles: average, Coding-Decoding: sitters, Analytical: average, Visual: Tough, Inferences: average

English Usage:(No. of questions: 40, Good score: 25+)
Students with good grammar knowledge could have scored highly in this section. There were many grammar questions of an elementary level that included parts of speech and transformation of sentences. There were also many vocab based questions in the form of synonym/antonym and spelling correction. Reading comprehensive section was not that tough , passages were small and questions were easy. The best option was to attempt 2/3 RCs.
Question Areas: Antonyms/Synonyms, Idioms, Grammar, Analogy, Sentence Correction. Spelling Correction, Jumbled Paragraph , fill in the blanks and Reading Comprehension.

General Knowledge: (No. of questions: 40, Expected Cutoff: 20+)
This sections were from business and current happening around the world. This section would have required no special preparation than reading news paper
Topics Covered: Politics, Current Affairs, Business & General Gk Questions.

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