NMAT 2006

NMAT 2006 - Exam date December 10th, 2006

The aim of the paper was to spread Feel Good Factor. The paper was like what CAT used to be in early 90s " a test of speed and question selection". The job was to pick up all the sitters/easy among few moderate/difficult questions.

Paper Pattern
Time Allocated: 150 minutes
Number of Sections: 5
Number of questions: 200
Number of choices per question: 4
Correct answer per question: 1
Marks allocated to each question: 1
Negative mark per each wrong answer: -1/4

Expected Cutoff: 85-88

Quants : ( No. of questions: 40 , Expected Cutoff:16+)
This section was biased towards students from science background. There were 10 questions from physics related topics (like Acceleration, Retardation etc), though the questions were not that tough. But a student with prior knowledge could have gone through those questions in whisker saving time for the rest. This section was not properly balanced (in the scenes that there were too many questions from SI/CI/P&L) as it was last year. Overall the section was easy and high scoring. Many might have crossed 25+ without much difficulty.
Topics Covered: all the topics were covered - Number System , SI/CI /P&L , Ratio Proportion/Mixture , TSD/work , Geometry/Mensuration , P&C , Sets

English Usage: (No. of questions: 40, Expected Cutoff: 18+)
You can't get anything as easy as this section. The paper had emphasized more on grammar and word power knowledge than CAT type reasoning & comprehension skills. A score of 30+ was easily achievable.
Question Areas: Antonyms/Synonyms, Idioms, Grammar, Analogy, Jumbled paragraph, fill in the blanks and Reading Comprehension.

DI & DS: (No. of questions: 40, Expected Cutoff: 14+)
It was not a cake walk section like the rest of the paper. There were 18 questions on graph which would have required lengthy calculations but the questions on data sufficiency and data redundancy were easy-moderate.
Question Areas: line graph, Table, Pie chart, Bar graph, Data sufficiency & Data redundancy.

General Knowledge: (No. of questions: 40, Expected Cutoff: 14+)
This section was totally different from IRMA and IIFT. Most of the questions were from current happening around the world
Topics Covered: Politics, Current Affairs, Books & Authors

Reasoning (No. of questions: 40, Expected Cutoff: 10+)
This was the toughest section in the paper and the questions were up to CAT level.
Question Areas: Critical Reasoning, puzzles, Inferences, Number Series, Situational based , Matrix based and Code based , Blood Relations

Anonymous (not verified)
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Dude... You've got all your


You've got all your numbers totally messed up here

The cut off for a call was 69
85 is too much

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i do truly agree that cutoff

i do truly agree that cutoff was 69

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