MAT 2006 December

MAT 2006 December - Exam Date 3rd December , 2006.

MAT is considered to be the easiest among all the entrance exams held in India. But this year it was not the case. Like CAT and IIFT the pattern of the paper was different though it was not as tough as any of them but the questions were difficult than those in IRMA.

The test comprised of 200 questions distributed equally among 5 sections – Maths , English Usage, Data Interpretation/Data Sufficiency, Reasoning and General Awareness. Though GA score is not considered while calculating the final percentile, many institutes does consider it while calling students for Group Discussion and Interview.

Paper Pattern
Time Allocated: 2 Hrs 30 minutes
Number of Sections: 5
Number of questions: 200
Number of choices per question: 4
Correct answer per question: 1
Marks allocated to each question: 1
Negative mark per each wrong answer: -1/4
Expected Percentiles:
For 99+ percentile : 105-108
For 97+ percentile : 95+ score

No. Of questions: 40, Good Score: 21+
Mathematics scetions was a bit easy. 30+ score was easily achievable with in that much of minutes of time. The topics from which questions were asked : Time - Speed , Distance , Simple/Compound Interest , Mensuration , Series , Mixture , Set theory and etc.

English Usage
No. Of questions: 40, Good Score: 22+
As it was in CAT - an easy math section and a tough english section. The questions on para-jumble and paragraph completion were confusing and time taking but the rest of the section was full of easy questions on Synonyms , antonyms , grammer and fill in the blanks.

No. Of questions: 40, Good Score: 16+
The standard of this section was also moderate-high , esp. the two caslets with 9 questions were unattemptable within the given time constraint and students should have avoided those two sets. With proper selection one should have attempted 25-28 questions in this section.

No. Of questions: 40, Good Score: 20+
There were 17 questions on DS and most of them were easy.
DI section had all the varities - Table , Line Graph , Pie Chart and Caselet. Though the questions were easy-moderate, all were time consuming.

General Awareness
No. Of questions: 40, Good Score: 16+
This section was easy and to the surprise very piculiar. Till the last exam ,most of the questions were current events but this time most of the questions were based on simple economics and business ideas.
All the questions are published in our General Awareness section in GA021, GA022 and GA023

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