Quantitative Aptitude for CAT from Pearson by Nishit Sinha

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HI, Plz let me know about this book if anybody has gone thru. one of my seniors suggested me for this book.

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Yes the book is a nice one

Yes the book is a nice one though I feel Arun Sharma is a better option. (both cost Rs.325). Hey if u wants to seriously develop your mathematics skills then go through all the mathematics resources available to you. Don't think just by going though a single book will be making you competent enough to clear the CAT.

To begin I will suggest, take any of the book or the full quants materials of any of the coaching center(CF,TIME or IMS). Read all the chapters carefully and solve the simple questions given after each chapter. Check out all the mathematics notes in this site cat4mba. For next 4-6 months read as much as possible with out worrying anything. Be it Nishit or Arun. Solve as many questions as possible. Once confident you can try the FLTs given on maths on this site to test your improvement.

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Both tha books mentioned above are worth to read esp. if you are just beginning your preparation.
For beginners , building concept should be the main priority and both these books are quite good in that. Take any of the book read it carefully (ofcourse you should go through the notes in this site – best bet is the geometry section), try to understand the concept (make your own notes, if that’s how u completed your school and college). Once done you can refer to the other book and study materials of any coaching center.

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I have earlier gone thru

I have earlier gone thru Arun Sharma and my faculty suggested Nishit Sinha book. And i am finding this better than Arun Sharma in terms of content and structure of the book. Questions are also of good quality and it seems book caters to CAT 06-07 type more than Arun Sharma book.

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i have gone thru no. system

i have gone thru no. system and arithmetic of this book. book is haivng good concepts and questions.

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Quantum CAT from Arihant publication by Sarvesh Kumar Verma

Hi folks if u feel that u need to improve ur score in CAT thru quants u need to clear the concepts n do the practice. I think I have not been the only CAT taker who was disappointed n panicked over her score. The problems i have faced were common to most of the aspirants--stagnant score in quants after 2-3 mock CATs,even being enrolled in a premier coaching institute n having abundant study material.

During my preparation as every student hanker for the best score ,the best coaching n the best study material, I have also gone thru several much touted books on quants eg.,Arun Sharma, Nishit Sinha n Dinesh khattar's etc but nothing was as effective as QUANTUM CAT from Arihant publication, which I obtained from my senior who is now in MDI-Gurgaon.

It was a terrible blunder that I have left maths just after my 10th std. and pursued my BA (honors) due to indifference even difficulty in maths . So I strongly recommend to anyone who is poor in Quants, especially to girls like me, to read just Quantum CAT bcoz the way in which the whole book has been explained is really very lucid n innovative.

I think if u read quantum CAT then u need not any other book since it is complete in itself having nearly 5,000 problems including previous years CAT papers & if u like to solve challenging problems then it is the only book which i have seen ever during my preparation. I sincerely suggest u that whether ur faculty recommend it or not but u will really get what u expect -best in u thru this book.
N. Tapsi

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Hey Tapsi

Hey Tapsi
Thanks for your valuable comments
Today I will go and purchase that book
Which institute are you right now.
We would love to read more the way u cracked that CAT and the experience after wards.

Thanks and Good luck

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Right now I am in a

Right now I am in a situation which you were few months back.
I am not in touch with mathematics after class 10th and now after attending 2 math classes in TIME I realized what a blunder I had done.
Any how I am not going to give it up, let us see how thinks move.

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Nishit Sinha

Hi, I have been using this website for my prep for quite a long time. And after getting selected and joining IIM L (2007-2009) batch, i feel that i would not be interacting in the same capacity with this website.

In my exp., Nishit sir's book is the best book. Questions are good and relevant and challenging(the most important aspect).

Let us see books one by one:

1. Arun Sharma - This book is quite old now(some 5-6 years back) and not so CAT relevant now.

2. Dinesh Khattar - Not a CAT level book. HOwver junta who dont have a fomral background in QA can go thru this book insted of NCERT books to have a hands on exp of basics in QA.

3. Sarvesh Kumar Verma - This book is also more or less same as Dinesh Khattar book. Gives you many a times false sense of achievement that one can solve hte questions coming in CAT and other B school exams. BUt mind you, the level of the questions is not-as-much-as- CAT.

4. Trishna- I have not gone thru back to back. But i have that TIME material and this book coming from the same house, repitiions are many. Still good number of basic quesitons.

5. Nishit Sinha - I have been taught by him in Delhi CL. And similar to his personality and aura, the book is also excellent. Structure and content is supersb besides haveing hte last 7 years CAT questions.
I will endorse this book.

Emon R.
IIM L (2007 -2009)

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Thanks Emon for your

Thanks Emon for your comments on Nishit Sinha
What about DI and English Section
Is there any particular book which you think is as valuable as Nishit Sinha’s Qaunt

Btw How it feels to be a part of IIML ?

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Like u i've been also lucky to be taught by N.sinha dis yr bt he's left us nw as he got selected in IIM-L..kan u suggest me ne buk for DI & LR??n english also??

where kan i get detailed solunts of Quant buk by N.sinha as there are lot of qns dat i get stuck in..??Plz help..

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