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Depending upon your mock test scores you should know how much time you should spend on Quant section. Ideally if you are looking for just clearing the cutoff you should give 28-32 minutes and if Quant is your scoring section then you should give 39-45 minutes depending upon your strategies.One-mark questions are usually easier ones so it's a good idea to start with these questions. Before starting any 2 marks question read the question carefully and figure out if you know all the basics required for solving the problem. If you don't feel confident after reading the question then just leave it. Never waste your time in trying a question just because you have read the question.

Geometry figures are drawn proportionately--unless a figure indicates explicitly that it is not drawn to scale. Nevertheless, don't rely on your eye to measure angle sizes, line segment lengths, or areas. Instead, use your knowledge of mathematics along with the numbers provided to solve the problem.

Believe me: The test-makers are careful to ensure that no problem can be solved merely by visual measurement or estimation.

NOTE: The one exception involves Data Interpretation questions that require you to interpret bar graphs and line charts; you can (and should) rely on visual estimation for these questions. If you're stuck, many questions allow you to work backwards by assuming hypothetically that each answer choice in turn is the correct one, then testing it by "plugging it in." Use pencil and scratch paper for all calculations, and always check your calculations before confirming your response.

Remember: Wrong answer choices will anticipate commonly made computational errors, and careless errors are the #1 cause of incorrect answers in CAT Problem Solving. In handling word problems (math problems cast in a real-world setting), make reasonable real-world assumptions. Don't split hairs by looking for subtle meanings or ambiguous language. The test-makers are not out to trick you in this way.

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who told u that 1 mark ques

who told u that 1 mark ques are easy dear! mind u, there is no such thing!even 1 or 2 ques of 2 marks can be much more easier than 1 mark ques and sometimes 1 mark ques are toughest. SO, DONOT ASSUME ANYTHING IF U R PREPARING FOR CAT!!!





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Why the above comment is

Why the above comment is contradiction to this article?

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