Full Knowledge about Part time MBA

A degree of Part time MBA serves no purpose.
Few might go against the above statement but that is the truth, Few might get dishearten but I don’t have any good words to assuage them. The simple truth is that perusing a part time MBA in INDIA is like doing a part of MBA – a part-time MBA just does not provides the same status-quo, as a full time 2year/1 year MBA course, neither to your current employer nor to the future recruiter.

The most important factor for many to take MBA as a career is the high salary that companies offer after completing the 3 letter degree but the same is not true for part time MBA. None of the institutes have any direct placement facility for part time mba programs. And please don’t expect your current employer to give any salary hike after you complete the degree. The only thing that you get except the certificate is your mental satisfaction that you have an MBA degree and have enhanced your managerial skills (only a feeling not in reality)

So how different are the students who take part time MBA?
"Not as good as those who takes full time MBA" – completely wrong. To get admission in any part time MBA programs is not that tough and so; one can infer that most of those students lack the analytical/quantitative skills but most of those students stand far ahead in terms of seriousness, dedication and loyalty in all part of life. Balancing the office works with mba course is a tough job and a person who completes it successfully definitely deserves some praise.

And what one achieves after completing a part time MBA? 
May be some thing but I am not sure. But during the course they came across many other same minded peoples and those contacts do help a lot like a job shift and in similar stuffs, And with all these, they came to know few management basics for which there colleagues get a better salary.

Still thinking about going for a part-time MBA?
please don’t go for any b grade college. Target should be IIM/XLRI/JBajaj/XIMB or a similar brand institute.


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