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I have work experience of 8 years and now I can feel how important is to have an MBA degree in your CV.
I can’t change my past mistakes but definitely like to see a better future. Any how I have to go for an MBA course. Now starts my confusion – I know how tough is CAT and even if I make it, not so sure if that will be the right choice for me.

Part-time and Distance courses are out of my choice so I have left with 2 choices
i. GMAT and going abroad
ii. To take up 1 year courses in any of the top B school.

Can any one help me in suggesting few good institutes which offer 1 year MBA program? And btw how good are they in terms of placement.

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8 years of experience will

8 years of experience will definitely help you in getting into a good institute and so during the course. The best option is to go try GMAT and go for MBA in abroad. But then you have to consider the opportunity cost – what is present salary , how much you can afford for your degree, your expertise and interest.
I think you are in the right age with required experience to look out which is the best available option for you.
As far as 1 year MBA courses in India are concerned, all the top B schools have started
With a GMAT score you can apply to all the above institutes and the cost will be around 8-10 laks for 1 year ( that’s huge compared to what they charge for 2 years PGDBA courses)

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i have 2 yrs exp. in finance (worked as accountant in fabindia , samsung) now i want to mba suggest me good college for 1 yr. is it wll be benifical for me to do 1 yr or regular mba .

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I am continuing my job in telecom industry as switch engineer with 9 month experience in ERICSSON till 10th dec 2008.Iwant to do MBA.Please suggest me executive MBA or 2 year full time MBA will be best for me.If executive MBA then tell me that institute.

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