50% Reservation but 100% lossers

I still remember the day when my class 12th result was declared. All of my friends were happy, except one – nitin (name is changed). He had a reason to be – he got almost half of the percentage that I got.Most of my friends joined good engineering colleges and left the city,so did nitin. He went to a near by suburb graduation college to continue his studies. He changed his stream to commerce from science.New locality, new college but he kept on doing things he used to do in class 12th and finally got the result for it. He got 48 % in graduation 6 less than what he got in class 12th.

After completing my 3rd year engineering examination I went to my home town. When I meet nitin , only one thing came to my mind – what a nice guy, so brilliant but such a pathetic career record. I asked him – what is your future plan. His answer was quick and straight –“I have no option, have to go for MBA. I am going to give my besttry for CAT”. Few months after that I got call from him, no hello no hi , the first sentence was – Hey you must be glad to know that I got the final call from IIMK .His voice was in high spirits . I felt very happy for him. Now he is working in an IT company as a project manager.

But time has changed so is the belief & philosophy of IIMs. Now they feel only students scoring more than 50% in graduation can be good managers. They had a long experience of making good managers, soif it is their view then it must be correct and we all need to respect it. I am really sorry for any IIM aspirant reading this article and had scored less than 50% in graduation. But if the IIMs have taken this decision only to restrict the number of applicants then it’s a poor decision. Yes, it’s true the number of applicants is increasing exponentially and it s a tough job to conduct an all India examination with more than two hundred, thousand appearing for it. But taking such a simple solution to the big problem is not going help the IIMaspirants. There are many other options and IIMs should look for a better one – a screening exam like IIT-JEE is not a bad option.

Looking into the past records of IIMs, I think they have the courage to go away with decision of 50% eligibility criteria and come up witha new innovative and evenhanded idea so that all the IIM aspirants get a fair chance to show their talent.

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