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One week to go for CAT. Now the times has come up to realx and give the best shot at the exam and try to achieve the best result out of your level of preparation. With in a week time one cant do some wonder in gaining knowledge required for the exam but with proper time management before and during the exam one can get the best outcome.

It would be best to make a schedule for the next 7 days that will best suit to you in accordance with the following guideline.

On 12th Nov (Sunday)
Appear the mock in your center and if you have not taken up any mock program then do take a test in the morning.
In the afternoon try to make some time in evaluating the paper. Your main aim should be to figure out the questions, which you have attempted wrongly because of miscalculation/simple fundamental errors/reading the question wrongly, and because of other similar silly mistakes
Now these are the things you cant make in real CAT. So make sure you avoid such things on the D Day

On 13th & 14th Nov
Revise all the basics once again thoroughly.

On 15th Nov
Do take one more test and scrutinize it as said earlier. This time you should be making no errors at all.

On 16th and 17th
Revise all the basics once again in relaxing mood. Don’t make any change in your lifestyle. You don’t want to miss the exam because of illness or an accident. Try to avoid any long journey from this date till the exam is over. Don’t drink or smoke heavily.

For 18th Nov. and 19th Nov.
Please read The LAST TIP and
CAT the shocker

On 18th there will be few CAT related programs on NEWS channels. Watch them out if you don’t have any better way of relaxing. But my suggestion would to be go for a movie and come back home before 8pm. Have a good dinner and go to bead early with your iPOD / FM player.

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