CAT the shocker

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What to expect
No one can predict CAT and that's the best part of the exam so I am not trying to make any guess and don't believe that following things are going to happen in real CAT but it might.

(i) There is a good chance that the level of difficulty is going to be same as it was last year.
(ii) The number of questions will be more. It should be with in the range of 100-140.
(iii) No of sections should be three.
(iv) Marks assigned for each question will be different. There ll be questions of 0.5 , 1 and 2 mark. It might go beyond 2 marks.
(v) There might be a time limit for each section - very rare chance.
(vi) Most of the Questions to be of like reasoning, which needs more mental work than pen and paper.
(vii) You might get a paper where all the questions are of same level of difficuty.

What Not to expect
(i)The negative marking should remain same as 1/3rd
(ii)Any drastic change in the areas covered by the examinee. i.e don't expect inclusion of any questions from GK/Business Awareness /new topics in math and etc.
(iii)And the last but not the least - any easy questions, which was a part of CAT for many years but not now.

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