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 Since it broke ground in the little village of Kalyanpur in 1960, IIT Kanpur has come a long way. Today it is a vibrant seat of academic and professional excellence. It has been achieved, through the vision of its founders, the initial guidance from the consortium of nine US universities, the support of the Indian taxpayers, and by the toil of its true pride- students, staff and faculty. Its products are thc[eighteen thousand engineers, technologists, scientists, managers and entrepreneurs spread today across the globe, and over 1000 teachers at engineering colleges all over the country. IIT Kanpur’s contribution to Indian computing prowess alone is a living record worldwide. Similarly, its enterprise into management education is not new. It created its Industrial and Management Engineering (IME) program in 1974, to teach methods to plan, design, implement and manage integrated production and service delivery systems. These are skills of relevance to engineers and technologists of all disciplines who may subsequently pursue a career in industry or in academics. The MBA Programme - A collective endeavour of IIT Kanpur
Since 1980, IIT Kanpur has run two very popular programs M.Tech and Ph.D in industrial management focused primarily on management science and management information systems. The Institute also teaches half a dozen management courses each year in the B Tech program. The IIT K MBA has been crafted to build on the technological strengths and the strong base in humanities existing in the Institute. The engine of our economy – the business world is now becoming increasingly demanding and dynamic and as we are learning every day, even IT needs to be "managed” to yield its best. Existing courses in database design, CIMS, rapid prototyping, VLSI design/fabrication, software engineering, economics, psychology and communications are some of the many electives to be made available to the IITK MBA. The Department of Industrial and Management Engineering (IME) that already teaches a set of courses to plan, design, implement and manage integrated production and service systems will administer the program. This Department graduates about 20 M.Tech and Ph D annually - specialized in the management of productivity, quality and profitability in the manufacturing sector, and in MIS. Also about 100 undergraduates attend the various management electives offered by IME faculty each year, enabling many IITK undergraduates to earn a “minor” in management

 Courses Offered  

The IIT Kanpur MBA program will comprise six distinct aspects. Twelve foundation courses are compulsory for all students and are completed in the first year. These include accounting, finance, computing, communication, operations management, marketing, economics, quantitative analysis, and human resource management- the basic skills and knowledge required of any business manager in the contemporary world.

The student would spend the following summer to complete a management project in an intern manager’s role pre-arranged in a host industry by the Institute.

The second year opens up the program to specialization and elective courses. Focus of s a specialization courses will be in the areas of manufacturing management and the management of infrastructure (telecommunications, transport systems and power systems). Students will have choice of six such specialization courses. A wider choice of electives is then offered to the student to permit him/her to broaden his/her area of familiarity. Four elective course slots are also available to allow each student to strengthen his/her background in diverse topics such as optimization, quality management, technology management, intelligent manufacturing systems, econometrics, international economic relations, robotics, traffic flow modeling, etc.

A student will also have to write a project ( equivalent to two courses ) in an area of his/her interest.

Concurrently, the student attends a series of departmental seminars and participates in discussions and written critiques- a compulsory part of the program.

 Eligibility and Fees

Course Fees
Students of MBA program are required to pay tuition fee of Rs 17500/- per Semester. In addition he/she has to pay other fees and charges which include hostel room rent, electricity charges, Gymkhana fees etc which are likely to be approximately Rs 10000/-per semester. Mess charges are payable on actual. SC/ST students are exempted from paying tuition fee but are required to pay other fees. Foreign and Non resident Indians are required to pay tuition fee of US$ 5,000 per semester.

A Bachelor’s degree in any branch of engineering or technology from a recognized University/ Institute. Candidates with AMIE or similar qualification are not eligible for this programme. Candidates will be selected on the basis of nationally-administered JMET, a group discussion and a personal interview Candidates from outside India (foreign nationals and non-resident Indians) will be selected on the basis of GMAT score , academic credits and work experience.

Concession for SC/ST Candidates
In this program 15% seats are reserved for SC candidates and 7.5% seats for ST candidates. Such candidates must also satisfy the eligibility requirements for admission including JMET. However, while considering their cases only their suitability for the program is ensured and they are not compared with the candidates belonging to other categories.

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