The Indian School of Business symbolises the vision of the School's founders.

The School evolved from a need for a globally top-ranked and distinctive business school in the Asian region dedicated to providing the best management education. The School is the dream of some of the best minds from the corporate and academic world. Their aspiration in creating the ISB is to establish an internationally top-ranked, research-driven, independent management institution that grooms future leaders for India and the world.

The School’s Governing Board comprises business leaders, entrepreneurs, and academicians from some of the world’s leading business and management education institutions. Our association with the Kellogg School of Management, The Wharton School, and London Business School makes the ISB one of its kind in Asia.


Our vision is to become an internationally top-ranked, research-driven, independent management institution that grooms future leaders for India and the world.

The ISB's aspiration to groom tomorrow's leaders is grounded in the belief that leadership skills can be learned and that successful leaders must take charge of their own development and growth to achieve their true potential. However, it is our strong belief that whatever your model of leadership, it should be grounded in a strong foundation of core values.

 Courses Offered

The ISB programmes bring a cutting-edge focus on entrepreneurship, technology, managing the emerging markets, and leadership and change management - all areas of tremendous relevance. ISB programmes focus on some of the most relevant business issues that corporations face the world over. The involvement of business leaders in curriculum development has given learning at the ISB a pragmatic approach with a clear business focus. The school's curriculum focuses on managing business in fast-evolving environments, with strong emphasis on entrepreneurship, the impact of technology on commerce, and managing the emerging markets of Asia.

ISB offers a one-year Post Graduate Programme, a Post Doctoral Research Fellowship Programme, and short-term Open and Customised Executive Programmes.

One year Post Graduate Programme (PGP)

The Post Graduate Programme (PGP) in Management, aims to groom business leaders who are ready to take charge. ISB students learn to influence management trends and practices through their thought leadership. They have created a learning culture where individual vision, intellectual discipline, and a sense of teamwork are valued.

The one-year Post Graduate Programme in Management provides the latest practices and trends in management education with the flexibility to explore different areas of interest. Their one year programme is equivalent in content & contact-hours to a typical two-year MBA programme.

ISB Programme seeks to increase our students’ capacity for effective action as business leaders. Using a student-centred approach and emphasising the close connection between management education and management practice, our learning model focuses on the fundamentals of business, analytical problem-solving skills, and the development of a clear view of both, strategic leadership, and what it means to lead.

To be eligible to apply to the ISB you must have:
 A Bachelor’s degree in any discipline or equivalent
Preferably two years of full-time post qualification work experience
 A valid GMAT/GRE/CAT* Score
 TOEFL score, if you are an overseas student and English is not the primary language of instruction in your country
GRE and GMAT scores of the last five years are valid
 CAT* scores obtained since 2002 will be considered
Exceptional candidates with CAT scores. If they meet the combined admissions criteria, a conditional offer of admission may be made, with confirmation of the same being subject to their obtaining a minimum score of 680 on the GMAT .

Admission Procedure

Academic Background: Any good MBA is intense, and the one year duration of the ISB programme makes it even more challenging. They will look closely at your prior academic performance (percentage, division, grade point average, class rank etc), and the results of the GMAT, GRE, CAT (for provisional offer) and TOEFL (if applicable), when evaluating your ability to handle the academic rigour of our PGP Programme. While assessing your academic capability, we will also consider the reputation of your undergraduate institute. However there is no cut-off score or particular previous course of study required to apply

Leadership Potential: At the ISB, preference is given to applicants who have demonstrated leadership qualities.They will evaluate your leadership qualities through your experiences and accomplishments, as well as through your essays and recommendation.

Diversity: ISB believes that student diversity is a very important element of an international education.Diversity can be in the form of educational background, work experience, nationality or personal experiences and goals and they encourage you to address these dimensions in your application.

 Work Experience: The diverse professional experience of students contributes to the rich and stimulating experience of the ISB programme. Successful applicants must demonstrate managerial and leadership potential, maturity, drive and focus. Irrespective of your industry or job function, we are specifically interested in how you have contributed to your organisation

Fees and Expenses
The ISB’s academic fee of INR 13,00,000 covers tuition, course packs, learning resources, activities and events, IT infrastructure, software licences, support services and other administrative expenses. Accommodation expenses for fully serviced apartments will be INR 1,15,000 for shared (2 or 4) and INR 1,75,000 for studio apartments. Dining facilities are available on campus on a pay-per-meal basis. Approximate monthly expenditure toward food will range between INR 5,000 - 8,000 per person. Books are available in the Learning Resource Centre, or you may purchase them from the campus bookstore. Every student is required to have a laptop computer. You can buy one from vendors identified by the school (the ISB will help you to get special rates) or bring your own. In case of the latter, these should conform to the specifications given by the school on admission. A refundable security deposit of INR 15,000 will be collected at the start of the programme.

For overseas applicants, the ISB provides a world-class management education and experience comparable to that offered at its global partner schools, at a tuition fee that is approximately less than half the average cost of a typical US top-10 MBA.

Financial Aid
The ISB is committed to enrolling the best qualified students, regardless of ability to pay. The school awards institutional grants and corporate-sponsored scholarship assistance in addition to facilitating agreements with financial institutions to provide long-term, low-interest loans.

Post Doctoral Programme

This Post Doctoral Research Programme focuses on the issues faced by businesses – small or large, public or private in developing and developed countries. Through the Fellowship programme, ISB aspires to become a fountainhead for business research.

The research coming out of the ISB would help both academicians and practitioners in the various business disciplines. These researches often draw from theories and concepts in different base disciplines.

The Programme duration is up to 2 years and 4 months.Fellows will be required to conduct independent, academic research in their area of interest.The goal will be to publish in top, internationally recognised journals.

Fellows may be required to assist Faculty in teaching and research.Fellows may also be required to attend some classes as scheduled. Qualified Fellows will get the opportunity to spend two semesters conducting academic research at top international business schools.The research areas should be aligned with issues in business and management.

Upon completion, Fellows satisfying eligibility criteria will have an opportunity to be considered for faculty positions at ISB.

 A PhD in Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Economics, public administration, Business Administration, Operations Research, Social and behavioral sciences.
 Demonstrated capabilities to do high quality research independently.

Selection Procedure
The selection of the Research Fellows will be based on the following parameters:
Statement of Purpose (Essays as indicated in the Application Form).
Quality of the proposal for "Research at ISB" (as stated in the application).
 Past research / PhD thes is work demonstrating potential for scholarly work.
 Reference Request Forms (2 required) - These forms should be sent to two individuals whom you feel can supply supporting evidence of your work and/or academic experience.
 On-campus Presentation and Interview.
 Evaluation of fit by the Selection Committee.

Fellowship Award
Each selected Research Fellow would receive a grant of approximately INR 28,000 per month while in India and a suitable grant for stay abroad.(E.g.: US$ 1450 per month for US research assignments). Expenses for Fellows selected for international research assignments will be borne by the ISB.

Executive Programmes

The Centre for Executive Education (CEE) offers short term Open, General Management, and Customised Executive Programmes. These programmes are designed for senior executives and managers with a high potential for leadership. The faculty drawn from leading business schools are experts in executive training and have research and consulting experience with leading global organisations.

Open Prpgrammes: The Centre for Executive Education (CEE) offers Open Enrolment programmes on Marketing, Strategy and Leadership, Finance and Accounting, and Operations and Technology. CEE is also planning to offer specialised programmes dealing with issues such as family business, corporate entrepreneurship, healthcare services, public management, governance etc.

General Management: The Centre for Executive Education (CEE) at the ISB offers various kinds of General Management Programmes (GMP) for top management as well as for managers with high potential for leadership. These are offered independently by the ISB, or in partnership with others B-Schools – the Kellogg School of Management, and INSEAD.

1.Managing Young Global Enterprises (My Globe)
2.ISB Kellogg Global Advanced Management Programme
3.Accelerated Management Programme

Customised Programmes : The Centre for Executive Education (CEE) offers customised programmes to meet the specific needs of organisations. Customised Programmes at the ISB create value for client organisations and meet with developmental needs of managers and executives. ISB offers courses in general management skills such as Strategy, Leadership, and Organisational Transformation, and in specific functional areas like Marketing, Finance, and Technology. The programmes are offered both on campus as well as at the client site.

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