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walking at 3/4th of my usual rate i reach my school 10 minutes late.then at what fraction of my usual rate should i walk to reach my school 5 min early.

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is the answer 6/5th of

is the answer 6/5th of original speed?

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YES the ans is 6/5th of his original speed

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this ques is good, but those

this ques is good, but those who also want to understand the concept I have attached a pdf that contains several examples.
Also if this is not consiered spam i wud like to provide couple of websites for practice purposes which i find very useful: http://wwww.lofoya.com/Aptitude-Questions-And-Answers/Time-Speed-and-Dis... and http://www.a2ginterbiews.com/Aptitude/time-distance/

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Ques Arun Sharma LOD-3, 17,PLZ help

PK= 200km. Nishit starts from P to K at 5kmph.At same time ravi strts frm K perpendicular to PK.At what time will they be closest to each odr.

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