alcohol concentration

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There are three containers – A, B and C each one-liter capacity. Initially, there were 400 ml alcohol in A, 500 ml alcohol in B, and 600 ml water in C. Also A(f)B means f fraction of A is poured into B.

The following process takes place.
1. C(1)A
2. A(0.5)B
3. A(0.66)C
4. B(0.66)C

Find the concentration at the end of the process in container C.
a. 30%
b. 70%
c. 50%
d. 60%





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d. 60%

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Can you please give some

Can you please give some detailed solution for this...

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Can't give you detail

Can't give you detail solution  right now I am lacking short of time. Hope this hint will help you.

After 1st process, in container A 400 ml alcohol and 600 ml water.
Container B is same as early while container C is empty.

After 2nd process, container B has 700 ml alcohol and 300 ml water . While in A 200 ml alcohol and 300 ml water left.
C container still empty.

After 3rd and 4th process in container C ,
0.66(200A+300W) +0.66(700A+300W)
= 594 ml alcohol and 396 ml of water
So the concentration=594/(594+396)=0.6


d) 60 %





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Totally agree with you, it is obviously 60%, thanks for clear answer! Actually, I learned this topic when I was writing term paper for

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