Fill in the Blanks: FB 013

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Fill in all the gaps with the best alternative among the given four options. After filling up all the gaps press on "Check" to check your answers.

The options are :
Q1. a. hoarse   b.distinct   c. blurred   d. clear

Q2. a. affronted   b. enraged   c. joyous   d. gleeful

Q3. a. grandiloquent   b. subtle   c. restrained   d. euphuistic

Q4. a. cliff-hanger   b. anecdotes   c. crap   d. yarn

Q5. a. aviary   b. coliseum   c. asylum   d. coliseum

Q6. a. caper   b. burlesque   c. caprice   d. epigrams

Q7. a. alkali   b. bonnier   c. marinade   d. aloof

Q8. a. abstinence   b chastity   c. apocryphal   d. preservative

Q9. a. substantiated   b. equivocal   c. detrimental   d. aiding

Q10. a. adverse   b. contrary   c. dysfunction   d. ailment

FROM radios and television sets throughout France last week came the Q1. , oracular voice that every Frenchman tries hopelessly to imitate. It belonged to Charles de Gaulle, who in a nationwide address announced his plans for a strengthened presidential system by which his successor would be elected directly by the people . Though De Gaulle's proposal would short-circuit the constitution and has already Q2. politicians of all parties, his Q3. dialogue between "you Frenchmen and Frenchwomen and my self" only heightened the curious blend of awe, irritation and amusement with which most Frenchmen today regard their President. Through endless Q4. , his mordant wit and sovereign self-assurance have become as firmly lodged in the French imagination as Cyrano's nose.
The argosy of Q5. was enriched this week with publication of The Words of the General (Fayard, Paris), a treasury of De Gaulle's most revealing Q6. and acerb asides that has been pseudonymously compiled by the aide to a long time Gaullist official. While some of his ban mots may have grown Q7. in telling, and others may be wholly Q8. , who can say for sure? Who, that is, but The General?
On How to Succeed. Though his subordinates have no hesitation about Q9. newspapers and magazines that criticize the general, De Gaulle himself is magnificently unconcerned by Q10. press comment.