Fill in the Blanks: FB 008

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Fill in all the gaps with the best alternative among the given four options. After filling up all the gaps press on "Check" to check your answers.

The options are :
Q1. a. dribbling   b. driping   c. seeping   d. spewing

Q2. a. jonesing   b. hankering   c. disliking   d. despising

Q3. a. lukewarm   b. ravenous   c. insatiable   d. unenthusiastic

Q4. a. availed   b. rebound   c. reaped   d. ricochet

Q5. a. camouflage   b. pierce   c. promenade   d. ferret

Q6. a. southpaw   b. notch,   c. camaraderie   d. restrung

Q7. a. reputable   b. dispicable   c. palmary,   d. gnarly

Q8. a. wiping   b. ratifing   c. squelching   d. nixing

Q9. a. mend   b. shatter   c. disintegrate   d. eradicate

Q10. a. aphorism   b. adages   c. paradox   d. absurdity

If the idea of Q1. buzzword-laden advice at lumbering corporations turns you on, make tracks for a management consulting firm. These guru factories are Q2. for raw material, says Steven Rothberg, founder of
It's not due to a lack of candidates, but because demand is so high, he says. "These firms are Q3. ."
Only a few years after scandals like Enron nearly sent industry players like Arthur Andersen belly up, consulting companies are enjoying a Q4. , fueled in part by a growth in SOX-compliance consulting services. (SOX refers to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, a major change in securities law mandating that publicly traded companies be transparent in their accounting practices.)
What exactly do management consultants do? They apply their knowledge and expertise (usually in accounting, strategy, management, marketing, information technology or regulatory compliance) to advise organizations on particular projects or issues.
If you're bright, have a bachelor's or master's degree, and a road-warrior lifestyle appeals to you, this may be your ticket to never-ending hours of stimulation as you Q5. through piles of information and strategize alongside the big boys.
Passage 2
Pearls that are worn often should be Q6. and cleaned about every four years by a Q7. jeweler. (If you wear them frequently, check every few months to see if any of the pearls slide between the knots. If so, they are ready to be restrung.) Other than gently Q8. them with a soft cloth after a night out, do not clean them yourself. The soft lustrous surface can be dulled or even dissolve if the pearls are placed in the wrong type of cleaner for an extended time.
Also, never place them in an ultrasonic cleaner -- either a home model or at a jeweler's. These cleaners use sound waves that drive out the dirt that may be attached to the stone. The sonic waves can discolor the surface of the pearls or even Q9. them. The cost for cleaning and restringing is about three dollars an inch -- far cheaper than replacing these natural beauties.
A lot of Q10. exist about pearls: Never take them off. Always wear them next to your skin. Wear them when you swim in the ocean.