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The idea behind

The concept of E Class Room is to create a group of individuals who communicate via this site on topics related to CAT in a systematic way. The idea of E Class Room originated from the forum discussion “Journey to CAT 2008”. The following guidelines are intended to help members participate here without much difficulty.   1.  Participants are asked to keep their posts on topics related to e class room topics. Please use the forum/blog for writing other articles/discussions.  

lets start with number system

If you guys have not seen then just have a glance @ math e book on the site   Let’s follow a similar pattern because the topics as given in preference are same as BRM (of IMS) and CL also follows the same in classroom. . I have the study material of both the coaching centers and have also purchased sinha and sharma. So let’s start from Number System as it contains all the basics and one of the most important chapters for CAT.  

Vedic Maths

Tips To Remember Some Values


The values of reciprocal percentages (RP) for 6 is exactly half that for 3 (half of 33.33 = 16.66)


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