Different ways of calculating reminder

After going through all the reminder chapters/notes on this site I made few points on calculating reminder. Here I am trying to put all those points together so that while approaching the reminder questions we can follow a certain pattern.

Question: what is the reminder when M is divided by N.

1. First Check if N is prime if so then use Fermat’s Little theorem.

Fermat's little Theorem

If p is a prime then for any integer a we have

ap = a modulo p.

i.e.  If p is a prime and n is an integer then np–n is divisible by p.

Modulus (Absolute value) of an integer

Absolute value (or modulus) of an integer is the numerical value regardless of its sign.

Absolute value of an integer x is written as bars on either side of the expression i. e |x| and is defined as

             |X| = X if x ≥ 0

Factors and their properties

This is my first attempt in writing a note. Please give me your valuable comments and suggestion; of course correct me wherever I am wrong. This is my own writing and all the examples are original one.

"Factors" are the numbers you multiply to get another number.

Example: The factors of 20 are

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Number System Notes

I have just added a chapter on Number of divisors @ http://www.cat4mba.com/node/6030

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lets start with number system

If you guys have not seen then just have a glance @ math e book on the site http://www.cat4mba.com/math_e_book   Let’s follow a similar pattern because the topics as given in preference are same as BRM (of IMS) and CL also follows the same in classroom. . I have the study material of both the coaching centers and have also purchased sinha and sharma. So let’s start from Number System as it contains all the basics and one of the most important chapters for CAT.  

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