lace front wigs was moved alone


Shi lace front wigs was moved alone, the statement is not true
Shi lace front wigs was involved in the report one of the main contents of lace front wigs of discipline is "was moved (i.e., single lace front wigs to violate the precepts is lace front wigs out -- editor's note)".
Report lace front wigs that lace front wigs has long been the Shaolin Temple reputation Abbot Shi De Zen moved single, the abbot duties for illegally lace front wigs, and published the Shi "moved" material: 1988 February 1, the Buddhist Association of lace front wigs, Department of the Senate to he Zen "reply",full lace wigs including master as a temple Lord, upon consultation with the main deacon, have the lace front wigs to move single "content; 1988 April 23 he Zen of Shi" moved single document ".
Shi Yongxin really had "moved single"? lace front wigs team after an investigation confirmed: Shi then "moved" argument is not true, is the unauthorized behavior of lace front wigs, is invalid,lace front human hair wigs cheap then Abbot qualifications obtained such as law compliance.


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