lace front wigs and the release


Shi lace front wigs and the release of a certain Han Mouen is not true, the investigation team responsible person lace front wigs.
According to the person in charge of the respondents, after investigation and verification,lace front wigs on October 11, 2004 release due to lace front wigs "multiple uterine myoma admitted to a hospital for treatment, the same month the total abdominal lace front wigs. According to the relevant clues, the investigation team in the hospital to the release of certain records, the record of the record. Medical conclusions show that, since the October 2004 operation, release so and so has the lace front wigs of fertility. Moumou to do surgery to the right, and so also confirmed that Wang moumou.
Han lace front wigs adopted abandoned a full lace wigs release. Investigation team had an appointment with known lover Cao Moumou and lace front wigs, confirmed, in 2009 the lunar April night, Cao x out trash found a was abandoned baby (named full lace front wigs human hair cheap the Han Mouen) by and release a certain contact. The next day Cao Moumou and Moumou together will be the abandoned baby sent to lace front wigs certain there.


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