Chess game

Hello all, Can someone help me in solving the problem? There were 2 women participating in a chess tournament. Every participant played 1 game with all the other participants. The number of games that the men played between themselves proved to exceed by 33 the number of games that the men played with the women. How many paarticipants were there in the tournament and how many games were played. Thanks in advance. Note: I solved the problem. But, the answer i was provided with is not matching the outcome which i had got. That is why i am checking with you.

Escalator problem

How to solve the following question An escalator (moving staircase) of n uniform steps visible at all times descends at constant speed. Two boys, A and B, walk down the escalator steadily as it moves, A negotiating twice as many escalator steps per minute as B. A reaches the bottom after taking 27 steps while B reaches the bottom after taking 18 steps. Find n.

Train – Velocity question

Amit always walked across the railroad bridge on his way to school. One day, Amit was one-fourth of the way across the bridge when he heard a train approaching from behind him. It was exactly one bridge-length away from him. Which direction should he run...back or forward?