Answers of TestEngg001

Today I appeared the test and got 19 but just couldn’t figure out what went wrong as I was expecting more than 24. Could any one provide me the answers. Thanks

requests on english section

Hey first thanks for coming up with such an excellent site. I found it couple of days and it has been part of my regular visited sites in office :lol: I have few requests – The notes on mathematics are good but not so in English. Is it possible to come up with tests specially on grammer , synonym/antonyms , jumbled paragraph , fill in the balnks and others. I would also love to see few questions at the end of each chapter in mathematics.

About part time

Hi, I m working in Software company. I would like to Do MBA Which is better either part time or distance education? Can u suggest me the materials to prepare for entrance exam?And the category have to choosen?

use of past participle for the past tense

which is correct?? 1)he would have went there. 2)he would have gone there. Please answer with a reason eg 1) is correct because......

Reading comprehension books

I am not that in RCs and my speed is also not that good Which books should I follow to improve my reading speed? Is there any practice books with lot of RCs

Need some tips for vocab

HI FRIENDS,I am preparing for cat08 and I found my vocab very weak .Can anybody please give me some tips about vocab prepration for cat.


heloo everyone, im going to start preparation for cat. i bought some books refered by experts of this site. but the problem is that i cant understand a lot portion in those books. the language is very tough in those to start. i have given my first year exam n want to start from now. please help me regarding the above mentioned problem. plz help.

Strategy for reading comprehension

Hi All I am new to this forum and glad to see so many serious members discussing about CAT and only CAT. This is going to be my second CAT attempt and last year I got more than 99 in both maths and DI section but a shocking 43 percentile in English Section. This year I am mainly concentrating on improving my score in English as I am quite confident about the other two sections. Till Now my strategy in RC is to go through the passage for few seconds esp. the first paragraph then give a good look at the questions and try to understand (not answer) it. Sometimes I get 5/5 correct and sometimes 1-2/5. I tried other methods like reading the RC first without worrying about the question but that never made any difference. I know my grammar is not that strong but I am quite good in vocabulary (have done a lot of hard work in improving this in last couple of years). So my main score are should be reading comprehension but some how I am missing the trick to master it. I never face any problem while answering small passages (1 paragraph and 1 question) where my accuracy level remains more than 80% but it’s only the RC where I always falter. Any suggestion what else I should try?


Please suggest me some sites from where i can get RC`s for practice.

Correct English Usage?

Which one of the following sentence is correct? Next Update is on 12th July . Or Next Update on 12th July . I saw the first statement on this site but I don’t think that’s grammatically correct

about english section

i am an engg. student and a CAT 2008 aspirant. please tell me about english section of CAT exam and what should i do to prepare for the same considering that i am weak in english as compared to math.i have 1+1/2 years for preparation and will be going to join coaching institue after six months.also tell me practice books for Quant considering that my concepts ,in maths are fairly clear.

Fact Judgment Inference

Any good notes /books/ site on understanding how to solve the Fact Judgment Inference questions Thanks Praks



So Slow and Quite Slow

What is the difference between so slow and quite slow? Can some one explain with examples?