Free TIME test

Hi All TIME is going to conduct a free MOCK test on 4th june 2006 in some part of the country. Plz chk it out with your local center and do appear it

Coaching Center for MOCKs

Hi Which coaching center due you think is the best for all India MOCK? I m from erudite and want to go for a mock which is all India in true sense. All sort of advices are welcome. Thanks

need MOCKs/FLTs

any one interested in selling mocks or flts of TIME/CL please contact me.

IMS Open SIMCAT – A good beginning

The paper was different as was highly advertised by IMS but was it up to the CAT standard?. The pattern was a surprise but the questions were not that tough. The cutoff should go beyond 50 and that’s quite high compare to last couple of CAT exams. The paper was not similar to XAT as few were complaining. In XAT all the questions in a single block are related to each other i.e it is impossible to solve bit iii without solving bit i & ii but it was not the case with this paper. All the mathematic questions appeared in block but most of the questions are unrelated to each other. The design of the paper is good in the sense that the pattern was new, it required a bit of reading, fewer questions in accordance with current CAT trend but the AIW team missed two things – the standard of the questions was not up to the mark and the questions did not cover all the areas of CAT. Of late CAT has been more reasoning than anything else but open simcat was far from that. Nevertheless it is a good beginning and the best thing about the test is that it gives a good picture of all CAT aspirants. Whatever the flaws with the test the percentile one get will be very similar to be in real CAT except few exceptions. It will not be possible for any other coaching center to conduct a mock with so many exam takers. Congrats IMS for that and I hope IMS continue this trend in all coming years – open simCAT 2 week before real CAT.

a question from math flt 012

Please solve the qs If for a positive integer n, n! = (215 ) x (36) x (53) x (72) x (11) x (13) then the value of n is it was on FLT 012... i got 13 in that good is it I am thinking about appearing CAT 07

Past Question Paper and Answers

I have checked most of the sites but never found any where the previous question papers and their answers/solutions. The analysis of exams are okey but where I can find last few years CAT Papers

Information and Sample papers for CAT

I am new to this forum and just searching information about various MBA programs and exams held in India. I am very much interested to appear CAT and want to know more about it. Where I can find some sample papers for CAT

Free Mock CAT Dates

Guys can you keep on informing about free MOCK CAT from different coaching centers. I am in IMS but would like to attend the mocks of TIME and CL. So please inform here when ever they announces for a free mock