Tips For CAT

[size=24][b]Accuracy vs Speed in CAT[/b][/size] The usual dilemma that one faces while preparing for CAT takes the form of a trade off between accuracy and speed. Honestly, one need not trade off one for the other. In fact, to use a combinatorial term, these two are not mutually exclusive events. However, I will not definitely conclude these two events to be independent ones. Accuracy is important. But you are not launching a space ship. Essentially this means that you should not hesitate to approximate whenever needed and proceed. For instance, if you realize that you have to find the amount of time taken by two pipes A and B to fill a tank. If these two pipes individually take 20 and 30 minutes respectively, do not spend time trying to solve the problem as 1/20 + 1/30 and then find the LCM and then the answer. If a pipe takes 20 minutes to fill a tank, it fills 5% in a minute. Similarly, another pipe takes 30 minutes to fill a tank, it fills 3.33% in a minute. So, together they fill over 8% a minute. This means they will take about 12 minutes to fill the tank. This kind of approximation and switching between % and fractions will help you gain time. Similarly, one important thing that you need to keep in mind is that as you proceed with each step of solving a question, take a quick glance at the answer choices. This way, in may instances, you will find that you do not have to go to the last step and find the answer. Even if it is only one or two steps saved for each problem, that will give you enough time to crack another 3 or 4 more problems in CAT. That is a huuuuge difference when it comes to getting calls from the IIMs.

Choosing the right question is the first priority

Look at each question from a relatively macro perspective. As you read the question, see if the answer choices give you any clue. More often than not, it will not give much of a clue at this stage. It will just let you get an idea as to whether the answer choices are really close or are they spaced apart. For instance, if you find answer choices for a DI question as 34.3, 34.38, 34.42 and 34.55 skip the question. What is the point in wasting time computing to two decimal points accuracy. Anyway, after you become an MBA you will have the best of calculators and Pentium HT machines at your disposal. What the IIMs are probably testing with such questions is to find out if you are smart enough to skip the question. You have skipped questions where answer choices really close. What next? Proceed to solve the question. In many instances, even though at the first step answers may not give you much of an idea, as you proceed with the second or third step of solving the problem the answer choices will start making lot more sense. Make it a habit to take a quick glance at the answer choices after each step. It is tantamount to taking a glance at the rear view mirror when you drive a car (that is provided you use the rear view mirror for the intended purpose!!). This time around, it will give you more clues that could help you eliminate answer choices that are not plausible. If your elimination leaves you with only one choice, go ahead and tick it and proceed to the next question. Do Not compute till the last step. It might help get a sense of satisfaction to get the answer after solving all the steps. But then, getting peace of mind in one question will surely cost you missing out on three more. There will be adequate number of questions in quant section where you should be substituting the answer choices and solving them instead of solving up the logical way. This way you will cut down the time you take for that question by over 50%. Saving time on 10 such questions could mean you will be able to attempt 3 or 4 more questions. Well that is essentially the difference between getting four or more GDPI calls from the IIMs and getting no calls.

Skipping tough questions is the key to success

Do not get unduly concerned if you seem to skipping questions. In the first go attempt only those questions that are really really easy (that will take around a minute or less to answer). Though this is generally true across all three sections, it gains greater importance in the quant section. As you go through each question if you encounter a question that you do not know or happens to be difficult, put an X mark next to it, skip it and forget it. If you find a question that you know, but will take 2 or more minutes, put an A next to it, skip it and proceed. Attempt in the 1st round only those that will take about a minute. After exhausting all these easy questions, if you still have time come back for the questions that you have marked an A. This way, your selection of questions follows the rule of attempting the easiest ones first and then the tougher ones. Putting X and A marks next to the question eliminates the necessity to re select questions when you revisit the section. On an average, students who crack CAT need to get about 50% or lesser of the number of questions in the quant and DI section as their net score. That essentially translates to skipping every other question, provided you can maintain very high levels of accuracy. So, go ahead and skip questions that are difficult. It will be more detrimental to get stuck in a question and spending a lot of time on it than skipping a question that is easy by mistake.

Time Management

Having set time limits for each of the sections that appear in CAT, you need to ensure that your progress is keeping pace in the set time limit. From my experience of following the last few five or six CATs, I believe that attempting 85 to 90 questions in CAT and getting over 65 as net score is a definite recipe to get calls from couple or more of the IIMs. With 120 minutes at your disposal, the arithmetic essentially translates to about 7 to 8 questions every 10 minutes. Therefore, divide your 2 hours mentally into 12 slots of 10 minutes and at the end of each 10 minutes do a status check. In reality, you should be doing better in the first half of the time allotted to each section in terms of the number of questions attempted (over 10 every 10 minutes) than the second half. The reason is that you are expected to attempt the easier questions that consume less time in the first half than in the second half. If you find yourself slipping in any one slot, you need to buck up in the next couple of ones to maintain your average. If you are in the habit of using a stop watch, make sure that you start it as soon as you get the signal from the invigilator to start the test. There have been instances of students getting tensed on account of not starting their stop watches.

cut off-iim's

can anybody plssss tell me what has the cut off of iim's gone this year

This is my LAST chance

Please don't think that I had appeared CAT earlier but this is going to be my first and last chance to make it into IIM . Why? I had appeared the all India mocks of both CL and IMS , fortunately & unfortunately in both the tests I got more than 99 percentile :) but what happens if I cant repeat it on the D day. Quite apprehensive about it and imaging that I have only one attempt to make it into IIM makes me fell very timid & insecure. Why on the earth we have so many insa** persons in the parliament. Can any of them go thru the level of preparation required for CAT or JEE. If you ***** don?t understand the system then please let others handle it , who knows how to take care things in a better way. Try to give 10% of the time & effort given by any CAT takers in your office we ll have a better nation in all respect. If things continue like this definitely India ll be considered as one of the developed nation by 2020. Can we protest against it. No - we have just experienced what happened to the medical students in Delhi? yes we can do only one thing ? ASOHOJOG ? we all can decide not to appear the CAT?I know you all must be laughing but do we have any other option. Really I am feeling very frustrated thinking about the reservation policy.. as an individual do we have any power to say anything .. why these ***** ppls are playing politics with our career and cant they visualize its long run effect .. Nothing is going to change.. I know we all are going to appear CAT on 19th NOV. Good Luck.


Mr. Lalu Prasad has given a special lecture in IIMA. :roll: It was special in many senses :evil: . But why closed door meeting. Don’t think any one is going to complain if an institute like IIMA start conducting few classes in Hindi… but one thing is for sure- we don’t want our future managers to learn politics ( & thus corruption) from our great leaders. :lol: :lol:

Cross Words

I have just gone though few of the cross word. First it’s a great idea but some how I think the hints given are not sufficient to guess the word. What s ur take guys


HI Everybody, Seems like it is taking time to hot the forums with different topics . Lets introduce ourselves and see there are how many people on this site to open up some realy useful forum. Thanks

MBA is only for engineers.

I am perusing my Bcom and will be appearing CAT this year (well I am trying CA also) After doing few researches over net I found out that most of the students in b schools are from engineering back ground. Why it is so? Is it B schools that prefer the engineers or its engineers who are better equipped to be MBAs. Institutes like IITs don’t allow non- engineers to appear JMET. There are many institutes which offer courses only for engineers. Why is this partiality? Actually I am yet to start seriously preparing for CAT and the experience I got in pondering among all the b schools/ CAT exam for last 3-4 days is that “ CAT is only for engineers” I don’t know why it is so but I have the believe in my self and I am going to give it my best try

Need Suggestion about courses

I am working in an IT company for last 7 years. I got the job thru campus and have never though of going out of it for any reason in last 7 years. Now I am taking a break of 1 year for a reason and will be staying home for most of the time. I want to utilize the time properly and truly speaking I am scare how I will be able to spend such a long time staying in home sitting ideally. So I am thinking about going for some online/correspondence courses which I can complete in 1 year. And the best option I think is MBA rather than going for few certifications in oracle/sap which I already have. What you all feel and suggest. Is it worth doing? I don’t want to take a course and then after 1 year regret about it, thinking that I have lost 1 year of my precious of life.

sell - old IMS notes

i have the notes of MBA - CAT/CET of maharashtra of IMS and CAREER LAUNCHER. Any one interseted to buy. please reply here or mail me.

Quota or not – what is your say

So much drama is unfolding every day. Really things doesn’t matter for us (those who are preparing for CAT 07) But I am just wondering about one question – is it true – if quote is implemented the quality of students joining best schools in India will be compromised and that might diminish the image/ value of education in these institutes

Is MBA over-hyped only in INDIA?

There is a demand for MBA all over the world but the value given to (and proportionally the salary) them in India is not over overvalued? I agree the top creamy mangers for all companies are from good b school but the number of such employee in any company is never more than 0.0001 percentages. And In India (same in other countries also) there are many great entrepreneurs (CEO/CMD of their company) with out this 3-letter degree. But why MBAs are given so much value Just think about a company like Google (Definitely the best product & business model the world has ever seen), it never gives any importance to MBAs (just ask your friends who are working their, the salary offered never depend upon degree). I see students from 3rd degree B schools getting salaries much more than BEs/CAs and thus forcing guys with excellent technical knowledge (from good engineering college) to join these worth less institute. I think both the industry and students will suffer because of it and their will be a scarcity of good technical people in all companies in near future.

Reservation for girls

When all are asking their share of the cake why should we remain behind? I think the time has come up for all of us to go for a serious demand on reservation for girls in all public sector companies/institutes/etc. Orissa was the first state to implement 30% reservation for girls in the all the engineering colleges in the state and now you can fell the presence of oriya girls in all big corporate esp. in IT sector. And if something similar is done in B schools, few years down the line we can see more young woman holding key responsible managerial positions in top notch companies

Confused what should I Do

Hi All This is Naveen from BHU and I will be passing out this June My academic X:-68% XII-:65% Engg(till now):-72% I got a job in TCS through campus and will be joining in mid of this year. I am not from an affluent family and I would like to finance MBA on my own. So my question is that should I join TCS and try for MBA after 2 years or should I take it this year and try to get some loan and scholarship. Thanks in advance.

Hoping against Hopes

Hi All I am working in a kolkata based BPO for last 8 months and before that I had worked in WIPRO for 6 months. If you think there is nothing to give credit for it then I don’t have any hope. I am an engg graduate from one of the many unknown colleges in Kolkata. I have a gap of one year during 5th to 6th semester. My final percentage is just 52. I don’t know any thing about any of my subjects…..I can go on writing pages on all my demerits. But last year in CAT06 I got an overall 91.3 %tile without any sort of preparation. Believe me one my friend forced me to apply for it and I did and I never thought I would write the test But when the results are declared I was surprised and still in a shock. May be this has to do with the fact that I was very good in mathematics in my school and has never scored less than 95% till calss 10th. I just don’t want remember my past or regret for it. Some how after the CAT result I am getting the feeling that if I make some serious preparation I can change my lost career. So guys please wish me luck in my adventure to CAT07. Btw I have decided to join Erudite Just one question – Do you fell my career (bad of course) can be a hindrance in overcoming the CAT hurdle

Suggestion for the word of the Day

I really like it and it has been a daily routine for me. The best of course is the audio/voice (Hear it). Though the way of presentation is almost same for all the words, after listening it twice/thrice (sometimes I do hear a single word for 4/5 times to clearly understand everything) it remains in mind for the whole day. My suggestion is to provide few more controls like I should be able to stop the player at any time /pause it for a second/ slow down the speed or rewind it.

OOPS!! Finally I got the right site

OOPS!! Finally I got the right site I was searching for some thing and landed up here and this seems to be an excellent site for mba aspirants. I am going to try my luck in CAT 2007 which I was doing for last 2 years , may be 3 years or may 4 ( really I don’t remember how many times I had appeared J)) I had never scored less than 92 %tile(which was in CAT 2006) and more than 96.3%tile(which I got when I was in my BE 3 rd year in 2002, that time). Right now I am in BIDESH but as soon as I reach (hopefully my project leader will send me back next month) my work town I will start my last and serious journey to wards CAT 2007. P. Prabhu

Banking exams And Railway exams

Hi, Sorry if I am asking the wrong question in wrong place But is there any similar site where I can find questions and notes for Banking exams And Railway exams Thank you all Prabhat

Lesson from Kriket

What is the moral of the topic? "Indian Cricket teams Bangladesh Visit after the lack luster performance in World Cup" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . When you lack confidence "Fight to get Self-Belief and Result ‘ll follow"

Why MBAs get so high remuneration

I am in first year and coming to know about MBA through news papers and web sites I am getting motivated to do it after my graduation and the main reason behind is the SALARY. 8/10 laks per year 70-80 thousand per month .. btw why MBAs get such good salaries I mean normal doctors/engineers don’t earn this much money


The latest Orkut turmoil unleashed by the Shiv Sena in Maharashtra is meant for what ? who is getting benefit out of it ? No one , except Google. I am Big fan of google but hate Orkut bcz its only product which has nothing new to offer . A copy paste code of Myspace + facebook + etc. Few months back no one knew what is orkut in any part of the world except Indian sub-continent. And these guys are making it more popular. I can think about the poor chap who has just wasting his money on another similar product (desimarti..) so many advt on MTV and etc and Google is getting all the publicity. Bottom Line : Web site owners - DO you want free advt. of your sites in India - write few lines against Few big bosses and next day your site will be the main news on all the TV channels and News Paper.

How Much Corporate Experience Sufficient Experience to Pursue MBA

Hi !! Friends Last year I encountered with two successful mba aspirants who were joinin IIMs. After knowing their profile which reflect east-west difference. One guy with 7 yrs on blue chip corporates experience and want to pursue MBA for enhancing his CV. Otherone fresher just did engineering with no corporate experience want to pursue MBA for broaden his job opportunities. I want to know ur opinions on both above said cases 1.) Is worthwile to Pursue MBA after experience of 7 yrs with Blue chip company. Do Indian top B schools keen to admit such profile students. Will MBA do some value addition in their professional careers. 2.) Is it fruitful to get into B school immediately after graduation or freshers to spend 2-3 yrs with industries to take some prior hand experience before getting B school. Laksh Kaul


hello, i am working as a s/w developer in one of the brokering firm in mumbai. i want to persue part time MBA. all i want to enquire is about whether Part time MBA is in demand. Also in what area i should go Ahead and wat kind of examination i have appear. etc.

TCS All India Walk-in (30th June - 1st july 07)

TCS is conducting a walk-in on 30th of this month. If any one interested is interested then post a message here. Later I will send you my details for reference and ‘ll let you know how to complete the other formalities before coming to the walk-in Or else if you know some one working in TCS then ask his/her help. India East:KOLKATA Date : 30th June 2007 (Saturday) Experience : 2 to 8 years of experience. Venue: TCS New Building Plot -B1, Block EP & GP Salt Lake Sector 5 Kolkata 91 Registration Time : 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM Skills : Java/J2EE Technologies, Client Server(Pl/SQL), Microsoft technologies,Mainframe/VisionPlus, Infrastructure services(Windows, Unix , SAN & ADS administrator) India South: CHENNAI Date: 30th June 2007 (Saturday) Experience: 2 to 8 years of experience. Venue: TCS - Vadapalani, 1, Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Chennai - 600026 Registration Time: 9.30 AM - 1.30 PM Skill sets: Mainframes Java / J2EE Technologies C, C++ on Unix EAI- Webmethods, Weblogic Integration. Siebel -Configurator, Analytics, EIM, EAI, Administrator, CTI. Oracle Apps-Technical and Techno functional consultants only People Soft - Technical and Techno functional consultants only BI – Informatica /Business Objects / Cognos /Data stage/ Teradata / Microstrategy. SAP Technical - BASIS, BW, Netweaver (XI and EP) SAP Functional - MM, PP, FICO, PM, PS, HR Microsoft Technologies - .Net Technologies. Oracle PL/SQL BANGALORE Date: 30th June'07(Saturday) Experience: 2 to 8 years of experience Skill sets: Mainframes Venue: TCS Abhilash, Plot no 96, EPIP Industrial Area, Whitefield Road, Bangalore - 66 Registration Time : 10:00 AM till 1:00 PM Date: 1st July '07 (Sunday) Experience: 2 to 8 years of experience Skill sets: Java / J2ee Mainframes PL/SQL SAP - All modules Peoplesoft - Techno Functional / Functional Consultants – Financial, HRMS ,Supply Chain Planning,Maintenance,Procurement,Corporate Performance Mgt,Human Capital Management Oracle Apps-Techno Functional / Functional Consultants - Manufacturing (Discrete/OPM), Financial, Distribution, HRMS IS Venue: Mt Carmel College, 58, Palace Road,Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore - 52 Registration Time : 9:00 AM till 2:00 PM HYDERABAD Date: 30th June 07 (Saturday) Registration Time: 10:00am - 2:00 pm Skill Sets: .Net Developers : Experience : 3-5yrs Microsoft SQL Testers: Experience : 3-5yrs Microsoft SQL Developers: Experience: 2-5 yrs Microsoft SQL DBA: Experience: 2-5 yrs Dot Net Lead : Overall 5-8 years of experience in IT 4-5 years programming experience in Microsoft technologies. Hands-on experience in Microsoft skills like ASP.Net, VB.Net / C#, WCF(Windows Communication framework), WPF, WWF(Windows workflow foundation), SOA(Service Orientated Architecture), XML, Web services At least 2-3 years of Designing and architecture experience for enterprise applications Hands-on experience of UML Design modeling, usage of Design Patterns. JAVA / J2EE: 3yrs to 7yrs experience. PL/SQL: 3yrs to 7yrs experience. Windows System Administrators: 3yrs to 8yrs experience. UNIX Administrators (Solaris / HPUX / AIX / LINUX):3yrs to 08yrs experience. Net: Architect: 6+ years of experience Mainframes - ADS/O, IDMS, DELTA: 2+yrs of experience EIS-CAD – Solid edge (Drafting, modelling & Assembly): 2+yrs of experience DWH - Business Objects: Managing Data Repositories using Business Objects: 2+yrs of experience Team center Engineering: 2+yrs of experience Oracle Applications Technical: 2+ yrs of experience in 2 or more of below modules and worked in at least 2 projects Functional: 3+ Yrs of experience in 3 or more of below modules and worked in at least 2 implementations Oracle Financials / Oracle HRMS / Supply Chain Management / Oracle Fusion Middleware (2+ years development experience in any of the below components) / Oracle Apps DBA - 2+ sound practical experience SAP 4+ Years of relevant work experience with SAP Certification / without SAP certification, consultants should have at least 2 SAP Implementations experience. SAP HR / SAP HR ABAP / SAP BASIS / SAP PS / SAP PM, QM, PP and EH&S (Cross-Skilled) / SAP FICO / SAP EP / SAP Travel Management OSS Solution Designers: 6+ yrs of exp Non-functional Solution Designer 6+yrs of exp For Microsoft Technologies (.NET Technologies / Microsoft SQL Testers / Microsoft SQL Developer/ Microsoft SQL DBA - Kohinoor Park Venue: Tata Consultancy Services Limited Deccanpark, Madhapur, Hyderabad - 500 081 For Other Skills: Venue : Tata Consultancy Services Limited Kohinoor Park Plot No.1, Jubliee Garden, Hyderabad - 500081 India North:DELHI Date: 1st July 2007 (Sunday) Registration Time: 9:00 a.m - 1:00 p.m Experience: 2 to 8 years Venue 1: Tata Consultancy Services Chandigrah Enginerring College Landran (Mohali)-140307 PUNJAB Venue 2: Tata Consultancy Services Mt. Carmel College, 58, Palace Road, Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore - 52 Skillsets Web Technologies Java, Core Java, J2EE, EJB, JSP, Struts, Weblogic, WebSphere, BroadVision, XML, SOAP, SOA CRM Siebel (Admin, Business Analyst, UCN, EIM, EAI, Analytics expert, Configuration expert, Server Administration expert, CTI specialist), Chordiant, Clarify, Epiphany, Vantive, Pivotal Business Intelligence/Datawarehousing: Informatica, Cognos, Hyperion Essbase, Datastage, Teradata, Ab Initio, Business Objects, Microstrategy, SAS AS/400 - Synon,RPG/400 Infrastructure Services -AIX/Unix/Linux/Solaris Administrator, ORACLE DBA, SQL DBA, Technical Helpdesk Network Security - Experience in Monitoring and Managing security devices, Firewall, BS7799 Anti Virus, IDSP etc, SIM (Security Information Management)/SEM, Web sense, understanding of Windows Active Directory Peoplesoft - Techno Functional / Functional Consultants – Financial, HRMS ,Supply Chain Planning,Maintenance,Procurement,Corporate Performance Mgt,Human Capital Management Oracle Apps-Techno Functional / Functional Consultants - Manufacturing (Discrete/OPM), Financial, Distribution, HRMS Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)-TIBCO (Business Works, RV, Adaptor, HW, iProcess), Oracle EAI, MQ Series, Message Broker, WBI SF, Webmethods, Weblogic Integration Client Server -Oracle PL/SQL, Reports and Forms, Pro*c India West:MUMBAI: Date : 30th June 2007( Saturday) Registration Time : 9.00 AM to 1.00 PM Venue : Tata Consultancy Services Gateway Park, Road No.13, MIDC, Andheri (E) Mumbai - 400 093,Maharashtra Skillsets: Web Technologies (Exp Level : 2 – 8 yrs) Java, J2EE, JSP, Struts, Weblogic, Websphere, Vignette Client Server: Oracle PL/SQL (Exp: 2-8yrs) MS technologies: ASP.Net, VB.Net,C#,SQL Server (2-6 years exp). Ariba (Exp Level : 2 – 8 yrs) SAP : Basis, BW, PP, ABAP, HR, MM, SD, PS, PM (3-8 yrs exp) Oracle apps : 3-8 years 1.Financial Functional and Technofunctional 2. HRMS Functional and Technofunctional 3.Oracle Apps DBA IBM Mainframes: COBL, CICS, DB2, JCL, VSAM (Experience – 2 to 8 Yrs) CRM Project Managers-Exp 4-15 yrs Skill Sets:-Siebel, Siebel Analytics,Chordiant Telecom Requirements:- Telecom Billing , Geneva Billing , Arbor Kenon Project Managers-Exp 4-15 yrs SIP ,Linux kernel prog, IP Routing - Exp 2-5 yrs Infrastructure Services: Microsoft Windows and Unix System Administrators – (Experience – 2 to 8 yrs) Desktop Engineers – (Experience – 2 to 6 yrs) Remote Desktop Management using Dameware/Netmeeting, Patch Management, Antivirus Management Messaging – (Experience – 2 to 6 yrs) Exchange 2003 Server Implementation/Management PUNE: Date - 30th June 2007 (Saturday) Venue - TCS, Rajashree Business Park, Tadiwala Road, Pune Registration time - 9.00 am to 12.00 noon Exp Band - 2 to 8 years Skillsets - Unix with Perl Unix with Shell scripting. Datawarehousing - Informatica Datawarehousing - Business Objects Database - Sybase, Database - UDB with DB2, Database - (PL/SQL with Unix) Automation Testing - Senior Automation Testing profiles with lead level Exp. (3+ years of Exp) Mainframe - ( CICS, JCL, COBOL, DB2) C++ ( with Unix preferred) ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA Qualification: BE/B.Tech/ME/M.Tech,MCA,MCM, MSc, PGDIT ( 2 years full time & approved by AICTE), CA, ICWA, MBA, Special Consideration will be given to BSc/BCA/Diploma Holders with minimum 3 years of relevant functional/technical experience" The candidates should have consistent 50% and above marks from Class X onwards Only full-time courses permitted Candidates who have appeared in the TCS selection process in the last 6 months are not eligible Candidates need to carry latest Passport Size Photograph, latest CV,last drawn pay-slip and relevant degree certificates / markesheets Please do not send profiles via email. Registration for buddies who meet the above eligibility criteria would be done on the spot for the Buddy Lao Walk-in. The candidates must walk in with the EPIR Registration number for Registration.

when cat exam actually comes

when cat exam is held?? i am doing my final year this november have planned to start my preparation and attend the cat 2008 then if i get through it when wud the result actually be announced and when wud the admissions start....i am keen and eager to join mba in iim's should my preparation be...i am vigirous and keen to clear the cat and join iim....

Life is so tough

This is my first post on this site. After reading few articles and forum replies I come to the conclusion that most of the guys here are working professionals like me. I had appeared CAT twice before once I got 97%tile (in my first attempt) and last year I had only 91 %tile. I have 4+ years of IT experience so my only target in CAT is IIM/SPJAIN. I am also thinking about GMAT but CAT is the first choice and preference. Last time when I got that poor score I thought it was only because of others (my roomies, the gal with whom I had relationship for a long time), I never blamed any one but always had that in my mind . . . . If I had given enough time if I had stopped going outside, if I had tried a little hard . . . . Things have changed. Now I am staying alone, hardly any friends in office or in my locality (most have gone abroad and few switched to other companies). There is no one to disturb me, No one to take away my time. I am in a development project where nothing is developed in last couple of months. . . . All in all I have nothing except time – which I was complaining for, few years back. But some how I am missing the fire inside to go for CAT. Maths and numbers has always enticed me throughout my life but now I don't find any interest in them. I want to be in a good b school, few years back I had the confidence that some day I would make it into a top b school but now I don’t know where to start. Why I am writing this ? – I don't know May be just to tell you guys – Never blame others if you don't make this time and if you are preparing then think like there 'll be no second chance. If you feel distracted by other external factors, if you are thinking others are wasting your time then let it be like that, it's a part of life. With all these things you have to be a successful man.

My score card is not updated

My score card is not updated till now. Whenever I click on the link My Score-Card, it says sorry no result found. But I have already given five English Mocks-FLTs and got good marks. Please update my score.... Regards, Rohit Teotia TLCMC Bharti Airtel Ltd.

Why it happens so?

I was just browsing through the pages in CAT4MBA while i came across Guestbooks. To my sheer surprize, 6 recent entries positions were occupied by girls. it means, all the recent entries were made only in girl's guestbooks. Even the moderator, CAT4MBA has got a meagre 2 entries :). Aisa kyu hota hai?

TIME - Free All-India Mock CAT on 15th July 2007

Message on time site T.I.M.E., the No. 1 Institute in India is conducting a FREE All India Mock CAT on the 15th of July. This test would be conducted in over 50 centres across the country and would simulate the actual CAT to the last detail. With over 30,000 students expected to take this test, it would be a great opportunity to benchmark yourself against the best and know where you stand*. In addition you can avail of attractive discounts on the TEST SERIES package consisting of 15 AIMCATs, based on your performance in this FREE test. Contact the nearest T.I.M.E. centre or use the Online Registration form and register for the FREE AIMCAT. Click here to Register for Free AIMCAT (T.I.M.E. Regular/AIMCAT Students need not register) Registration: Detailed Page:

SNAP on 16 th dec

Get the details @



Plz help,Quick.

i have done my engineering in electronics and communications... but i have not written any of the entrance examinations like CAT,MAT etc. To save this year of mine and get admission is there any options for getting admission into any colleges now? pls suggest the colleges which intake students without any exam.

and if possible mail to


Reservation A Necessity or A burden

I am not really against reservation for obc,but i firmly believe that reservtion should be at the lower level rather than grad and post grad level. Binu