Books For GMAT, You can go through any of the following books to get an idea how easy to clear GMAT and how tough is CAT :-))

Peterson’s MBA Programs
This is a great book for anyone who is researching MBA Programs. Containing information on more than 3,900 MBA programs at 1,000 different institutions, this definitive guide has everything an MBA applicant needs to choose the best MBA school.

Official Guide for GMAT Review
Every MBA applicant needs to prepare for the GMAT. Written by the actual administrators of the GMAT, this book contains 800 questions (and answers) from actual GMAT exams. The guide covers all of the exam subjects and makes an excellent foundation for exam preparation.

The Vault MBA Career Bible
The Vault has created many different business guides. In the MBA Career Bible, you’ll find information on all of the different career paths that are available to MBA students.

The Wetfeet Insider Guide to Industries and Careers for MBAs
This guide is great for MBA applicants. It covers 19 different industries and 10 different career functions, with current salary ranges and overall job prospects. You can also learn more about more about the top ranked companies and common MBA career paths.

Official MBA Handbook
The most recent edition of the MBA handbook has been updated to include more information about the MBA degree, choosing an MBA program, taking the GMAT, and financing your MBA. This book will come in handy for any MBA applicant.

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