Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS), Pilani.

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BITS,Pilani - Goa Campus BITS,Pilani - Dubai Campus BITS,Pilani - Hyd. Campus
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Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Vidhya Vihar Campus Pilani Rajasthan Pincode - 333031 INDIA
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Engineering & Technology Management (ETM) & IT Enabled Services Management (ITESM)

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5 : 1
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The Institute has established the following centres of Research and Development: Technology Innovation Centre Centre for Software Development Centre for Research on Educational Innovation & Institutional Development Centre for Robotics and Intelligent Systems: Embedded Controller Application Centre BITS Learning Byte International Centre for Instructional Software Centre for Renewable Energy and Environment Development (CREED) SPECIALISED LABORATORIES Apart from the Centres described above, the following specialised laboratories have been established with a view to strengthen research and development in the respective areas: (i) Fibre Optics: Infrastructure includes PC based instrumentation for characterisation of optical fibres for communication, optoelectronic sources and detectors; facilities for development of point and distributed fibre optic sensors, fibre optic communication kits, apart from computational facilities. (ii) Process Control: Infrastructure includes computer control of process variables such as temperature, level, pressure, flow rate, pH and conductivity in distillation column, heat exchanger, reactors, etc. (iii) Flexible Manufacturing Systems: Infrastructure includes state of the art facilities for teaching, training research and development in the field of manufacturing systems, such as computer numerically controlled machining centre and Robot for material handling, lathe and computational facilities. The key research areas are : Flexible manufacturing Systems, Computer integrated manufacturing Systems, World-class Manufacturing/manufacturing excellence, manufacturing management, Intelligent Manufacturing systems. (iv) Materials Testing Laboratory : This laboratory houses testing machines for studying mechanical properties of metals, polymers, ceramics, composites etc. The machines include Universal Testing Machine (UTM), Hounsfield Tensometer, Brinell Hardness Tester, Rockwell Hardness Tester, Vickers Hardness Testing machine, Rotating Bending Fatigue Test apparatus, Combined Bending and Torsional Fatigue Test apparatus, Pin-on-disc Wear Testing Machine, Circular Polariscope, Strain Gauge Testing Facility, Impact Testing Machines, X-ray diffractometer, Ultrasonic Flaw Detector, Liquid Penetrant Test Kit, Magnetic Crack Detector, Eddy-current Test apparatus etc. (v) Radioisotope Laboratory: A new radioisotope laboratory has been developed as the central facility to strengthen the various degree programmes and research activity in the institute. This laboratory has been equipped with several sophisticated equipments, like Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (Aanalyst 300), GM counters, NaI(TI) Scintillation counter, b-fume-hood, Radioisotope fume hood, autoradiography unit and remote handling gadgets. (vi) CISCO-BITS Specialised Advanced Networking Laboratory with Financial Support from Cisco Systems Inc. USA Apart from advanced networking the Centre will also have facilities for conducting specialized research work in the area of Video on Demand Technology and Virtual Private Networking. CISCO will also be providing five Ph.D. scholarships equivalent to about 4000 USD per year per student.
The library is housed in a state of the art new building, covering about 65000 sft area, close to all academic blocks of the Institute. The library building has a modern design and it provides well lit reading halls, stacks, display area, e-library, audio visual library and study carrels, ramps and lifts etc. It has got attractive interiors and got a seating capacity of 750. Library is fully computerized and the library home page can be accessed all over the campus. About 4000 full text e-journals and many important databases have been made available on the campus network and can be accessed in the Institute buildings, hostel rooms and staff residences. These include the journals of IEEE, ASCE, IOP, ACS, APS, Emerald etc. There are 19 public access terminals in the library. The wireless internet in the library provides internet connectivity even for the readers’ laptops. BITS participates in the INFLIBNET programme of networking the university libraries.
Professional clubs: 
The Institute has Music, Hindi Drama, English Drama, Hindi Press, English Press Clubs, Creative Activities Centre and English Language Activities and Hindi Activities Societies. These clubs and societies are wholly and solely managed by the students and have in the past contributed much to the cultural life of the campus and to the cultural evolution of the students. In addition to these the Institute runs Recreational Activity Forum, Photography Club, Radio Club, Swimming Club, Cuckoo Club and Trekker's Club whose membership is open to students and staff. Traditionally students organize OASIS, a cultural festival sometime during the days adjoining Dussehra or Diwali. The students also organize A Professions-Oriented Gathering Over Educational Experience (APOGEE), an Academic Week during the Second Semester which may be aptly described as the academic get-together of the University Youth.
The institute is fully residential and hostel accommodation is provided to all students. Permission to become day-scholar may be granted only under exceptional circumstances where student's parents or close relatives are residents of Pilani. There is a common kitchen cum mess unit for every set of two hostels. Each unit of the mess has a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian section under the management of different students committees. The girls hostel, however, has a separate mess of its own, situated within the boundary of the hostel. Students staying in the hostel have to necessarily take their food in the Hostel Messes. The messes attached to hostels are fully managed by the students. Every inmate of the hostel is provided with necessary furniture and every room has a ceiling fan. Each hostel is equipped with solar water heating systems. Common room facilities with Cable TV and telephone are available in each hostel. All inmates of the hostels have to observe prescribed rules. There are some special rules for the girls' hostel
There are a total of six messes in BITS ( one for every two BOYS Bhawan and one exclusive for GIRLS situated inside Meera Bhawan itself ). All messes are student run and the total cost incurred by a mess is divided among the students registered in that mess. There is a basic menu for which all students registered in that mess pay. Apart from this basic food students can also sign up for extras such as curd, non-vegeterian food, cold drinks etc.,
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Less than 10
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Aditi Technologies (Pvt) Ltd., Bangalore; Adobe Systems India Private Ltd., Noida; Alcatel Network Systems India Ltd., Gurgaon; American Power Corporation (India) Ltd., Bangalore; Amsoft Systems India Inc., New Delhi; Analog Devices (I) Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore; Anand Corporate Services Limited, New Delhi; Asea Brown Boveri Ltd., Vadodara; BLA Industries Ltd. Mumbai Banyan Networks Pvt. Ltd., Chennai; Bharat Petrochem. Corp. Ltd. (BPCL), Mumbai; Biological E. Limited, Hyderabad; C R L, Bharat Electronics Ltd., Bangalore; Cadence Design Systems(I) Pvt. Ltd., Noida; C-DOT, New Delhi; Celstream Technologies, Bangalore; Chambal Fertilisers & Chemicals, Kota (Raj.); Cisco Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore; Citicorp Overseas Software Ltd., Mumbai; CMC Limited, New Delhi; Cognizant Technology Solutions India Ltd, Chennai; Computer Sciences Corp. India Pvt. Ltd, Indore; Cradle Technologies, Pune; Cyprus Semiconductors Ltd., Bangalore; D.E. Shaw India Software Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad; DCM Technologies, Gurgaon; DGA Technologies Ltd., Chennai; Dabur India Ltd., Gaziabad; Delsoft India Pvt. Ltd., Noida; e-Infochips, Ahmedabad; Eli Lilly Ranbaxy Ltd., New Delhi; Escorts Limited, Faridabad; Escotel Mobile Communications, New Delhi; Eveready Industries India Ltd., Calcutta; Exide Industries Ltd., Calcutta; Future Software Pvt. Ltd., Chennai; GE India Technology Centre, Bangalore; Geometric Software Solutions Co. Ltd.., Mumbai; Halliburton Offshore Services Inc., Mumbai; Havell's India Ltd., Delhi; HCL Perot System, Noida; HCL Technologies Ltd., Gurgaon; Hero Honda Motors Limited, New Delhi; Himachal Futuristic Comm. Ltd., New Delhi; Hindustan Lever Ltd., Mumbai; HLS India Ltd., New Delhi; Hughes Software Systems (P) Ltd., Gurgaon; i2 Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore; IBM Gobal Services Ind. Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore; IBP Co. Limited,, Mumbai; IOCL, New Delhi; ITC Infotech India Ltd., Kolkata; i-Flex Solutions Ltd., Mumbai; iNautix Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai; Indian Shaving Products Ltd., Bhiwadi; Ind-Telesoft Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore; Industrial Finance Crop.(I) Ltd., New Delhi; Infosys Technologies Ltd., Bangalore; Intel Technology India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore; Intelligroup Asia Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad; Intergraph Pvt. Ltd., Secundrabad; Interra Software India Pvt. Ltd., Noida; J.K.Organisation, New Delhi; JPMorgan Chase, Mumbai; Jaiprakash Industries Limited, New Delhi; Juno Online Services Dev. Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad; Kanbay Software Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore; LG Electronics India Ltd., New Delhi; LT Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad; Laxmi Precision Screws Ltd., Rohtak; Larsen & Toubro Limited, Mumbai;, USA; Lucent Technologies India Ltd., Bangalore; Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., Mumbai; Mahindra British Telecom Ltd., Pune; Medicorp Technologies India Ltd., Secunderabad; Microland Limited, Bangalore; Modi Xerox Ltd., Rampur (U.P.); Motorola India Ltd., Bangalore; Natco Pharma Limited, Hyderabad; National Engg. Industries Ltd., Jaipur; National Instruments, Bangalore; National Semiconductors, Bangalore; Net Brahma Technologies, Bangalore; NewGen Softwares Technology Ltd., New Delhi; NexGen Information Solutions Ltd., Mumbai; NIIT Ltd., New Delhi; Novell Software Dev. (I) Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore; Opnext Japan Inc., Japan; Oracle Software India Ltd., Hyderabad; Patni Computer Systems Ltd., Mumbai; Paxonet Communications, Pune; Philips India Ltd., Mumbai; Philips Software Centre Ltd., Bangalore; Planetasia.Com Limited, Bangalore; Polaris Software Lab Ltd., Noida; Pradhan, New Delhi; PRADHAN, New Delhi; Procter & Gamble India Ltd., Mumbai; PSEG India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai; R.M. Software India Pvt. Ltd., Noida; RITES Ltd., New Delhi; Sallie Mae Solutions, Bangalore; Samtel Color Limited, New Delhi; Sapient Corporation, New Delhi; Sasken Communication Technologies, Bangalore; Schlumberger Asia Services Ltd., Mumbai; SG Software Asia Pvt. Ltd., Banglore; Siemens Public Comm. Networks Ltd., Bangalore; Siri Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore; ST Microelectronics, Noida; Steelage Industries Ltd., Mumbai; Sterlite Industries, Silvassa; Sun Microsystems India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore; Tata Consultancy Services, New Delhi; Tata Elxsi (India) Ltd., Bangalore; Tata Infotech Limited, Noida; TCG Software Services Pvt. Ltd., Calcutta; Texas Instruments (I) Pvt.Ltd., Bangalore; Thermax Ltd., Pune; TVS-Suzuki, Hosur; TVS Suzuki, Hosur; Velankani Information Systems Ltd., Bangalore; Veritas Software Pvt. Ltd., Pune; Voltas Ltd., Mumbai; Voltas Limited, Mumbai; Wilco Intl. Systems Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad; Wipro Technologies, Bangalore.
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Faculty Facts

Anil K Bhatt Professor
SB Mishra Associate Professor
C K Shiva Prakash Assistant Professor
Usha Manjunath Lecturer usham
Amrata Pancholi Lecturer
R Raghunathan Lecturer
Leela Rani Lecturer
E Leela Rout Lecturer


A Rajagopal
B R Murthy
SK Mandelia
M Saisekhar Das
and many more..

Student : Faculty: 

20 : 1(Approx. )

The Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS), Pilani is an all-India Institute for higher education. The primary motive of BITS is to "train young men and women able and eager to create and put into action such ideas, methods, techniques and information".

The Institute is a dream come true of its founder late Mr G.D.Birla - an eminent industrialist, a participant in Indian freedom struggle and a close associate of the Father of Indian Nation late Mr. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi). What started in early 1900s as a small school, blossomed into a set of colleges for higher education, ranging from the Humanities to Engineering until 1964 when all these colleges amalgamated to culminate into a unique Indian University of International standing. This university was christened as the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, known to many as BITS, Pilani

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