vampire number

A number n is said to be vampire number (VN) If n = x * y where n contains the same digits as x and y. Find out what is the smallest 4 digit Vampire number?

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x and y can be 2 digit or 3 digit / 1 digit


A number v=xy with an even number n of digits formed by multiplying a pair of -digit numbers (where the digits are taken from the original number in any order) xand y together. Pairs of trailing zeros are not allowed. If v is a vampire number, then x and y are called its "fangs." Example of vampire numbers include 1260 = 21 x 60

The question is to find the

The question is to find the smallest 4 digit Vampire number ?? 1260 is definitely a vampire number but is it the smallest 4 digit number ?? any how what is the process of answering such questions??