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Today I had too many cigarettes and while taking the puffs one math question came to my mind If a man's Life expectancy decreases by 0.001% with every cigarette then at what age the man 'll die if he starts smoking at the age of 20 and takes 10 cigarette per day? (Approx. age = you can consider the man to be dead when 99% Life expectancy is gone) or the man 'll never die

this is like compound interest .

this is like compound interest... 3.65 % u die every year .. wat abt leap year? then it becoms 3.66% so the formula becomes .01 = (1 - 3.65/100) ^ n.... i am not considering Leap year and we have to find n ..... .01 = .9635 ^ n n is between 120 and 125 ... so the man will die when he becomes 140 to 145. So that tells us that we should have 10 cigs a day!!!!!!!!!!!! life expectancy is 55 considering an engg student in mumbai it gets reduced to 50 so u get to live loooooooooong :) Jokes apart Sri pls dont even think abt going that faar.... Tell me if I goofed up the stuff?? regards

Cigarrate Question

Hi, Here s my Ans for 1 cig/day---0.01% decreases for 100 days ---1% decreases for 9900 days--99% decrease.( the man dies at this point). So 9900 days approx to 27.12 yrs. So the man dies at the age of 47 itself. Did I make a mistake? -Deepak.

Its wrong

Its wrong first of all in the question its given 10 cig/day Then you cant write some thing like

for 1 cig/day---0.01% decreases for 100 days ---1% decreases