A simple puzzle

Hi, please solve the following problem , its a nice one. A farmer drives 35 miles to bring 300 pounds of tomatoes to market. Unbeknownst to the farmer, two months ago this village passed a ban on the purchase of tomatoes, and so her entire supply just sits out all day in the sun without anybody buying a single one. During this rather hot day, some of the water in the tomatoes evaporates, so that by the time she packs up her wares to go home, the water has dropped from comprising 99 percent of the total tomato down to constituting 98 percent of the tomato. How much does her supply weigh now?

If 99 percent of the tomatoes is water initially, then 1 percent or 3 lbs. isn't water. After evaporation only 98 percent is water. Since no non-water mass evaporated, the 2 percent left over is still 3 lbs. Therefore the total must be 50(3) or 150 lbs total. The tomatoes lost 1/2 their weight. :idea: