Please help in the solution the following problem In what proportion must water be mixed with milk so as to gain 20% by selling the mixture at the cost price of the milk ? How to solve this kind problem , is there any general method/formula .

general method/formula .

suppose the original quantity is x units and rate is Rs 1/unit the C.P. = x.1 = Rs x suppose it is adulterated with y % of fake item new quantity is x+(y% of x) the S.P. is also 1 the cash inflow = [x+(y% of x)].1 profit = [x+(y% of x)] minus x = y% of x percentage profit = (y% of x)/x = y % i.e. if profit required is y% adulteration required is y% if profit required is 20% adulteration required is 20 %(i.e. 1/5)

Lets suppose , we have 100

Lets suppose , we have 100 litres of milk , cost price is 1 rs per litre so cost price of 100 ltr milk is 100 rs. Now u want to add water to have 20% profit , and u want to sell it on same cost price ( 1 rs ). So you want to make 120 rs out of this 100 rs. Add 20 litres of water , ur mixture now = 120. sell it at 1 rs per litre so the cost = 120. So the water added is 1/5 of the milk to gain 20% profit.

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