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    wearing Honor: Zosia Mamet [url=]Homecoming Dresses Black Friday 2016[/url] , in a gorgeous print that recalled blurry Japanese watercolours, sadly marred by an unflattering bib front made worse with a disjointed black panel blob, as though her chest were wearing the Lone Ranger s mask.Elisabeth Moss opted for the ubiquitous bridal shape, a classic strapless A-line, though with unexpected black bodice.Homeland’s Morgan Saylor’s black and white had groovy mod colourblocking, Portlandia’s Carrie Brownstein did black and stripe, and Breaking Bad’s Anna Gunn opted for the same contrast, in Romona Keveza, a Canadian making her name in New York (Carrie Underwood also arrived in a plum ballgown by the designer).In addition to that CanCon, Montreal-based ALDO created custom shoes for a few red carpet steppers: Kelly Osbourne, Kaley Cuoco and Emily Deschanel, the latter of whom wore a custom blue-grey vegan design to go with her vegan damask dress.The beige brigade included Julia Louis-Dreyfus in a beaded column by Monique Lhuillier and Cobie Smulders in a corseted strapless J.winner Claire Danes also opted for beige, although more ethereal, with banded swathes of lace on the skirt in a subtle zigzag pattern.on the long-waisted Danes, the glinting paillette bodice itself seemed cut too short and skimpy and as a result hit sat too low, with lengths of strap.Also weighing in with neutral zigzags: Kristen Connolly from House of Cards in a sleek bob and simple beige long-sleeved, high-necked gown encircled with the cutouts, and Leslie Mann in J.Mendel s interpretation as an overlay offering a sheer glimpse of leg.Blushing along the red carpet were Modern Family co-stars Ariel Winter in chiffon and Julie Bowen in structured blush pink Zac Posen, though it erupted into overly complicated waves at the trumpet.In the pink: Laura Dern embodied effortless in papaya pink embellished lace and netm with loose waves and a megawatt smile, while Alfre Woodard and January Jones also went with rose-taupe lace [url=]Party Dresses Black Friday 2016[/url] , the latter working her Givenchy with stylized bob-length Veronica Lake waves, as did auburn Mad Men co-star Christina Hendricks (with a black dress).Sideswept waves were the look of the night, as Rose Byrne (in rose halter Calvin Klein with cutout waistline) with also attest, although Julianne Hough s stiffened coif looked more crunchy and bulky than suave.Sheer, lace and black continued to trend, on Aubrey Plaza, in long-sleeved sheer black lace Marios Schwab, Amanda Peet in peek-a-boo Swiss dot hem by Canadian Erdem, and Game of Thrones Lena Headey, with a pop of white shoes.Sarah Silverman also focused on killer shoes: towering on a curved heel in a body-con little black dress.A few got the memo about Dazzling Blue, Pantone’s new colour of the year and wore the saturated hue: Elton John channeled his best Liberace, taking to the piano in a blue-on-blue glitter-encrusted suit.periwinkle, plain, matte and with singlet-style shoulders.Connie Britton wore strapless embroidered teal, although the silk velvet seemed unseasonal for so early fall awards season.The heavier taffetas, damasks and duchesse satins (such as Zooey Deschanel’s pale blue J.Mendel affair) seemed too stiffly formal and a bit out of place.had so many folds and tucks going on at the bust of her teal gown, we wonder if it was to distract from the heavy ankle straps exposed by the mullet hem of the dress.The pundits pronounced the airy canary-yellow chiffon by Monique Lhuillier that Anna Faris wore a fail for being to brassy with her long platinum blonde hair.And then, there was Lena Dunham, fated to be as divisive on the red carpet as she is on the small screen.Cool choppy-cropped hair, smokey eye makeup and a Prada ballgown in aquarium green dotted with roses [url=]Cocktail Dresses Black Friday 2016[/url] , a modern cool cut with a nod to traditional patterns.The only problem being how unreasonably ample the skirt was cut.We wonder if it might have done better in a more fluid fabric, or without what we suspect was the stiffening crinoline layer, which we would have left at home.Brad Pitt was staying at the same hotel this couple were holding their wedding reception in.Pina) September 17, 2013Daniel Lingwood, having spotted the Hollywood heartthrob in the hotel, risked giving up the spotlight on his wedding day and ran to pull his bride from the reception.In a move lesser men might not have made, he introduced his bride to one of Hollywood s hottest men.I thought he was joking or that maybe our friends had got us a look-alike as a joke, Abi Lingwood told E!I actually gasped and said to myself, Oh my god, it really is you!He congratulated us on our wedding said I looked great in my dress, shook our hands and said to pose for a picture.He was very accommodating.RelatedTIFF 2013 photos: Nicole Kidman sweeps down the red carpet as Brad Pitt pandemonium reaches a fever pitchShinan: Where did Brad Pitt eat in Toronto?This and more, right here!with photographic evidence of a Pitt on the premises in tow.Pitt is currently working on new film Fury, to be released in 2014, in an area near The Stoke Hotel.The star was recently in Toronto to promote his film 12 Years A Slave at the Toronto International Film Festival.The 22-year-old armoured car security guard who killed three of his colleagues was sentenced to life in prison with no eligibility for parole for 40 years, the harshest penalty issued by a Canadian court since the abolition of the death penalty.Travis Baumgartner is the first to be sentenced under a new provision of the criminal code passed by Parliament in 2011 that allows consecutive parole terms in cases involving multiple murders.could apply for parole after only 25 years.said Crown prosecutor Steve Bilodeau.It does matter that more than one person died, and a sentence will reflect that.Associate Chief Justice John Rooke accepted the sentence recommedation reached by the Crown and defence.Under the new rules, Baumgartner was facing a maximum sentence of life with no chance of parole for 75 years.with no hope for parole.Among them were.

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    ed.They apparently got drunk together with Kim’s entourage.Jokes were made about it Unique Long Dresses , and will continue to be made because there are always jokes.But really, it’s not all that funny.I mean, in the global scheme of things there’s a surreal giddiness to it, like when former U.there is nobody at the CIA who could tell you more personally about Kim Jong-un than Dennis Rodman, and that in itself is scary.He is Dennis Rodman.He was one of the most fascinating and singular players in NBA history, a second-round pick from poverty whose body was an elastic wire, and who was never like anybody else because he tried to be unlike anybody else.The lasting image of him was this loping kid with jug ears who would hurl himself at the ball, chase it the way a puppy chases a toy.He played hungry, like he needed it, all the time.He was part of two title teams in Detroit, then started with the tattoos and the bleached blond hair in San Antonio, was moved to Chicago where he was the third-best player on the Bulls team that won a record 72 games in 1995-96, and three more championships.He loves basketball.I said Obama loves basketball.and chased attention, especially once his career ended.The piercings before it was ordinary, the wedding dress, the marriage to Carmen Electra, the outfits, Celebrity Apprentice, pro wrestling, rehab, Celebrity Rehab, all that.He’s lost himself; he can’t see where one starts and the other ends.He’s convinced he has to play up to that.I know that’s not him.The shy kid I met is who he is.RelatedNorth Korea vows to cancel 1953 Korean War cease-fire in latest provocative move towards U.Kim Jong Un just wants Obama to call him, says Dennis RodmanBut he became a broken man who had the cops show up to his door too many times for domestic assaults, DUIs, sexual-assault charges, whatever was going.It’s going to be very tastefully done.His Hall of Fame speech included a tearful, tortured apology for not being a good enough father Unique Celebrity Dresses , a good enough husband.He has become the definition of the sad clown, the cautionary tale for both retired athletes but also semi-retired celebrities of all stripes.Life, Dennis Rodman seemed to tell you, can grind you up.And then, he was used as some sort of prop to get cameras into North Korea, and he came back to tell ABC’s George Stephanopoulos all about it while wearing a jacket that was made to look like it was made of dollar bills.I don’t condone what he does, but as far as a person to person, he’s my friend.He didn’t know about all the North Koreans who have starved, or the Orwellian controls on society, or the prison campsHe didn’t know about all the North Koreans who have starved, or the Orwellian controls on society, or the prison camps, or the nuclear tests.He was a dupe, a clown, a prop, only instead of spilling his guts to Dr.Drew on Celebrity Rehab he was paling around with a 29-year-old dictator who loves basketball, and doing the talk-show rounds.And the cameras were rolling either way.But it worked for him.doesn’t that undercut pressure from the West?Dennis Rodman was a great basketball player, and as a diplomat, he was a great basketball player.And that’s where we’ll leave it.He was high-profile again.He had to be debriefed.He’s a crossover star in a way he never managed before.He is being condemned on the cable networks, just like the old days.Dennis Rodman has been chasing attention and money for a long time now, and maybe this will launch him to another show, some public appearances, back into the celebrity mill for a while.Maybe he’ll make some money, and he will fade again, and the odds are none of it will be any less sad than everything that has come before.And it was all still surreal and strange, more than ever.On Tuesday, in response to the threat of sanctions Unique Ball Gowns , Kim threatened to dissolve the Korean Armistice Agreement with South Korea that has stood since 1953.And the only public intelligence that contradicts the threat in any way is the last 60 years, and the fact that he told Dennis Rodman that he does not want to do war.PYONGYANG, North Korea Ending his unexpected round of basketball diplomacy in North Korea on Friday, ex-NBA star Dennis Rodman called leader Kim Jong Un an awesome guy and said his father and grandfather were great leaders.Dennis Rodman to North Korea’s Kim Jong Un: You have a friend for life Rodman, the highest-profile American to meet Kim since he inherited power from father Kim Jong Il in 2011, watched a basketball game with the authoritarian leader Thursday and later drank and dined on sushi with him.At Pyongyang s Sunan airport on his way to Beijing, Rodman said it was amazing that the North Koreans were so honest.He added that Kim Jong Il and Kim Il Sung, North Korea s founder, were great leaders.He s proud, his country likes him not like him, love him, love him, Rodman said of Kim Jong Un.Guess what, I love him.The guy s really awesome.At Beijing s airport, Rodman pushed past waiting journalists without saying anything.Rodman s visit to North Korea began Monday and took place amid tension between Washington and Pyongyang.North Korea conducted an underground nuclear test just two weeks ago, making clear the provocative act was a warning to the United States to drop what it considers a hostile policy toward the North.Rodman travelled to Pyongyang with three members of the professional Harlem Globetrotters basketball team, VICE correspondent Ryan Duffy and a production crew to shoot an episode on North Korea for a new weekly HBO series.Kim, a diehard basketball fan, told the former Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls star that he hoped the visit would break the ice between the United States and North Korea, said Shane Smith, founder of the New York-based VICE media company.Dressed in a blue Mao suit, Kim laughed and slapped his hands on a table during the game at Jong Ju Yong Gymnasium as he sat nearly knee to knee with Rodman.Rodman, the man who once turned up in a wedding dress to promote his autobiography, wore a.

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    orge Clooney and Amal Alamuddin will be married by a municipal politician!Veltroni [link=]Fashion Style Evening Dresses[/link] , who wrote the foreword to Barack Obama s 2006 book The Audacity of Hope.forcing his stupid new album down our throats.It is still unclear if Brad Pitt and wife Angelina Jolie will be among the guests These are dark times, indeed.Pre-flight selfie on rookie costume day.Out here in my wedding dress!MStrooo7) September 14, 2014The Jays have indeed been sweating, trying to rebound from a wretched August, winning 10 of 14 games, but gaining no ground in their playoff bid.There’s really no room for error.This time of year, considering where we’re at, it’s especially tough.Toronto fans found little to cheer about until the late innings.They did, however, find opportunities to give vent to their mounting frustration.slammed a Todd Redmond pitch off the facing of the Level of Excellence above left field to make it 5-1.Escobar crossed his arms and mimicked a safe sign as he crossed the plate, then pointed mockingly at a group of hecklers as he entered the first-base dugout.Boos resounded from the gathering of 28,633.Buehrle gave up two runs in the third and two more in a very ragged fourth, but soldiered on through the sixth.With two scheduled starts remaining, he has reached 188 innings in his quest for a 14th straight 200-inning season.His outing gave the Jays 20 consecutive starts of six innings or more, a club record.The bottom four players in the Toronto lineup struck out nine times in seven innings against Rays starter Chris Archer [link=]Sweet 16 Thanksgiving Day[/link] , accounting for all of his whiffs.Colby Rasmus, who got a rare start in centre field, struck out three times.These days, when one goes to a party, waiters offer trays of barely palatable wine and look puzzled and even shocked if a guest dares to ask for a Scotch and water or gin and tonic (Although vodka is more fashionable than gin these days, you will get the same reaction.If the affair is in someone’s house and the fearless guest asks for a scotch, the host might bring out a dusty half bottle of some rare old single malt mumbling that it was a Christmas present.In general hard liquor at public affairs has become bad form and any plonk from some island off the shores of Australia is more acceptable.Drinking habits in public have changed: Wine is in, spirits are out.When we were in Washington during the ’80s, everyone drank martinis and old fashioneds before dinner and left the carefully chosen wine at the dinner table untouched.Few people professed to be wine connoisseurs and hard liquor was even served at lunch.I had one friend, extremely skinny, who always ordered two martinis and deep fried puff potatoes, the latter item being a specialty at her favourite restaurant.Nobody ever thought anything about it but certainly there was no ceremonious glass of wine served.Wine wasn’t served by the glass at most restaurants.You would have to order a bottle or perhaps a half bottle.Once my father went to a party in Toronto where young barbarians were drinking rye and CokeAt some point during our long life we were given martini glasses and even a shaker.They have now been in the same place on the shelf untouched for 25 years.If a guest actually asked me for a martini I might have the gin, or vermouth but not at the same time.We generally keep Scotch because Allan likes a Scotch before dinner, but not wine during.His taste reflects his background.When we were young in Winnipeg a half-century ago, both our fathers would have a schnapps [link=]Purple Quinceanera Dresses Thanksgiving Day[/link] , a small glass of rye or Scotch, drunk straight while they were standing up.There was no lingering over the drink or polluting the liquor with soda or flat water.Once my father went to a party in Toronto where young barbarians were drinking rye and Coke, he told us in horror.He had never been to the Caribbean or mingled with the rum and Coke crowd.My parents never had wine in the house except, as the liquor store called it, sacramental wine for religious purposes, which they passed over the counter to my father.My mother never went to the liquor store and I believed until I was 18 that it was illegal for women to enter liquor stores in Manitoba.ow so many countries make decent wine that the French vintage system has become lost in my mindThere was a time when I took my wine seriously and read the Wine Spectator and various books about good vintages and bad.But now so many countries make decent wine that the French vintage system has become lost in my mind.All I know is that the best wines I ever tasted were a French Bordeaux Chateau Cheval Blanc ’47, a Burgundy Nuit St.George of similar vintage, and an ancient Barolo served to me by an Italian wine connoisseur.Of course there’s certain phoniness about all this swishing of the glass and the waiter giving the person he thinks is paying for the meal the ritual drop of mediocre wine to taste.The host generally nods his head.I’ve only seen wine sent back on four occasions, three times in France and once in New York.I have sent back a cheap wine once myself.It was the dregs and was truly undrinkable.RelatedFix My Drink: Where to begin with gin?Fix My Drink: Puttin’ on the (Aperol) spritzSondra Gotlieb: All men over 60 look better in tiesMost people look forward to a drop of something, especially if the room is full of strangers and you have to be on your best behaviour.A friend found herself in Arkansas going to a party in honour of her child’s wedding.she didn’t know a soul and because she was a member of the wedding party she was supposed to be there from beginning to end.You’d think they were Muslims.I balked at stockings but not the drinkSpeaking of Muslims, many years ago we were asked by the Aga Khan to a dinner party in Newport, R.where he had rented a house.We gathered beforehand with other Canadian guests and decided to fortify ourselves in advance because the Ismailis surely would not serve alcohol.It was August, over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and in deference to the Muslim faith some of the Ontario ladies w.

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    et on Stephansplatz.Small and tasteful [url=]Cheap Quinceanera Dresses Cyber Monday[/url] , in the centre of the city.Don t miss soup served in hollowed out bread.weihnachtsmarkt-stephansplatz.Altes AKH Christmas Village.Has two curling lanes in addition to punch and goodies.year old market at one of Vienna s biggest tourist attractions.Christmas Market on Spittelberg.Cute shops in this area as well as quality vended goods.Labstelle, in the first district does a small and tasty menu of fresh local food.Wetter is another local farm-to-table spot just off the Brunnenmarkt.Ypp Payergasse 13/ one of Vienna s many cafes is must.From what I hear, the city s sausage sands put Canada s hot dog carts to shame.Near Karmelitermarkt, Unger und Klein wine bar is a good place to get acquainted with the local offerings.Be sure to try a Gruner Veltliner.atWaltzing lessonsElmayer Dance School.Group lessons are 45 euro for an hour.Private lessons also available.ller, were worth the price of admission.For all things ViennaVienna.youth to the barricades.One of the more intriguing aspects of our relatively free Western society is that it allows people such as Mr.Sutherland to become fabulously rich while biting the Invisible Hand that feeds them.An example of someone made fabulously rich by mass market entertainment (without hand biting) is J.Rowling, whose Harry Potter series took her from welfare to being a billionaire.Another is Hunger Games’ creator Suzanne Collins.audience, which in turn reflects an increasingly wealthy society.RelatedWhy Lionsgate spent nearly twice as much on the ‘Hunger Games’ sequelThis is all wonderfully creative and to conflate Ms.Collins’ skillful projections of teen angst with political oppression in Western the dystopian future state of Panem were forced by totalitarian overlords to fight to the death in a reality TV show.capitalist allegory for dog-eat-dog capitalism.a stark vision of class conflict.Perhaps growing awareness of very real repression in Syria , China and Iran has made it a little more difficult to manufacture agitprop out of teenage fantasy.Some have even noticed that the Panem of Hunger Games: Catching Fire in fact resembles pre-1989 East Germany rather than any U.future, unless, that is, Obamacare is the first step on a slippery slope to dictatorship (Mr.Sutherland is a great admirer or Mr.Obama, and claims that drone strikes and keeping Guantanamo open have been forced on him, partly by racism).The second movie, while in many ways superior to the first, continues to raise questions about Panem’s political economy, which seems to be based on 1840s Manchester as seen through the eyes of Karl Marx.We are reintroduced in Catching Fire to the first movie s successful combatants, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark (Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson) who are being sent on a victory/propaganda tour.But there are rumblings in the Districts.Coriolanus has a daughter (or granddaughter or great granddaughter.It s not clear) who wears her hair like Katniss [url=]2016 Quinceanera Dresses Cyber Monday[/url] , a certain warning sign.One minute it’s Stephanie’s Ponytail, the next it could be Panem Spring.On a quiet side street in Chelsea, a gaggle of well-dressed shoppers jostled for position Friday morning in a long queue.Snaking their way along the pavement were Chanel handbags and towering Jimmy Choos; pink hair and fascinators; even a pampered chihuahua named Gucci.Neighbours came to gawp as burly security guards barked orders and battled with a sea of sharp, sequinned elbows.But this was no run-of-the-mill sample sale or designer store opening in south-west London.These bargain-hunters were queuing outside a Red Cross charity shop, where, at 11 a.the doors would open for a one-off sale of clothes donated by David and Victoria Beckham.The footballer and his Spice Girl-turned-fashionista wife had emptied their wardrobes before moving house and were giving away their cast-offs to raise money for survivors of Typhoon Haiyan, which devastated the Philippines earlier this month.for a Dolce Gabbana dress.Not one to resist a bargain, I joined the queue, along with hordes of others, three hours before opening time.Only 150 lucky shoppers would be allowed in, we were told, and then it would be one-in-one out.Purchases were strictly limited to one per person, with staff expecting every last shred of Beckham clobber to sell out by the afternoon.I’m looking for something trendy I loved the Spice Girls, gushed Belen Martinez, 23, from Spain, clad in a wide-brimmed maroon hat.I’ve come for a pair of shoes [url=]Quinceanera Dresses Cyber Monday[/url] , but there are rumours that she’s a size 4 and I’m a 3, said a worried Thea McRae, 36, a beauty therapist from hopefully I’ll get my hands on something.Squeezing past shivering shoppers, The Daily Telegraph was granted exclusive access to the store minutes before it opened.for a diamante-studded denim jacket (ambiguous).In the window, along with other items up for auction, was a Posh Spice T-shirt, a pair of snakeskin boots and a glitzy tank top so tiny it might have been made for a doll.I’m completely overwhelmed, confided Cathy Shimell, the shop manager.They’ve been so generous we couldn’t have asked for more.Hopefully this will encourage other people to rummage through their wardrobes and dig deep for the Red Cross.Mark Astarita, director of fundraising, said the charity had approached Victoria about its Shop Drop appeal (yesterday’s sale marked its launch).We asked her if she would tweet about it and instead she said, I’m going to spend the weekend sorting through my clothes and then you can have them’.One of David’s suits can shelter 14 people in the Philippines.There’s something here for everyone.Back outside, I joined the stampede of shoppers as the doors swung open and we were head-counted into the store.Hangers clattered to the ground and shrieks rang out as fashion-hunters snatched at Stella McCartneys and lunged for Louboutins.There was nearly a tug-of-war over the beige parachute dress Victoria wore to the Ven.

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    The Centre for Software & Information Technology Management consolidated research, consulting, teaching and training efforts on management issues concerning the Indian and Global Software Industry, while fostering close links with the software industry.

  • Best MBA College for MAT   3 years 19 weeks ago

    Indian Institute of Management is situated in Ghaziabad and is ranked among the top ten MBA colleges in India owing mainly to its stupendous infrastructure.

  • IIMB (Indian Institute of Management Bangalore)   3 years 19 weeks ago

    The Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) believes in building leaders through holistic, transformative and innovative education. IIMB is an acknowledged hub of academic activity in India and globally.

  • MIT - SOB   3 years 19 weeks ago

    The MIT School of Business has a vision of being in the
    forefront of providing cutting edge management education
    across the globe.

  • 1 year MBA course   3 years 21 weeks ago

    Many business magazines release rankings of the country's top MBA colleges, every year. They have some set criteria in mind to judge various MBA programs, which include the placement statistics over years, infrastructure, faculty, quality of education and other basic facilities. Some of the leading companies keep an eye on these rankings to recruit from the top MBA universities.

    Top Management Colleges in UP

  • Best MBA College for MAT   3 years 21 weeks ago

    Management Aptitude Test, popularly known as MAT, is a management entrance exam conducted by All India Management Association (AIMA). The exam is conducted on national basis, four times a year in the month of February, May, September and December for granting admissions to the students in the post graduate management courses across various management institutes in the country.

    Top MBA College in UP

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