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CAT 2007
SECTION Number of Questions Good Attempt Total Marks Expected Cut-offs
SECI - QA 25 12 100 26
SECII - EU/RC 25 18 100 28
SECIII - DI/DS/LR 25 15 100 33
Overall 75 45 300 96

CAT 2007 - An Overview

CAT 2007 - Quantitative Ability

Quant was the toughest section and average student would have find it very difficult to attempt more than 7/8 questions and Cut-off is expected to be lower than 30.

Data sufficiency questions were a part of Quant section and two out of the four questions in DS were sitters . The section was full of questions from algebra and arithmetic (as many as 17 questions: 68%). Questions from geometry and modern mathematics (comprising of permutation, combination & probability) were reduced. Most of the questions required not only good fundamentals but also a lot of calculations and students must have found many unfamiliar questions. Questions those should have been attempted

1. Question on odd integers
2. All the DS questions
3. 1/m + 4/n = 1/12
4. Miso Currency.
5. Average age of family
6. Quadratic equation
7. Circle
8. Tea question

All the above 11 questions could have been attempted in less than 25 minutes. This time Quant section proved the old adage “CAT is a test of time management and question selection” . In CAT 2006 most of the questions were of same level of difficulty but it was different this year. Though the cutoff could be as low as 20/21, a score of 45+ was easily achievable with right question selection.

Chapter No. of Questions Level of Diff.
Number System 4 Easy to Medium
Time, Speed and Distance 4 Medium to Tough
Ratio & Percentage 3 Medium to Tough
Geometry 3 Tough
Functions 4 Easy + Tough
P&C/Probability 1 Easy + Tough
Equations 6 Medium + Tough

CAT 2007 - English Usage & Reading Comprehension

English Usage and Reading Comprehension section was totally different from what it was in CAT 2006. There were no questions on Fact, Interference, and Judgment. The Sentence Correction questions were very unusual. Jumbles Paragraph questions were lengthy but not that tough.

Read the entire sources of EU/RC section @

Chapter No. of Questions Level of Diff.
Reading Comprehension 12 Easy + Tough
Paragraph Completion 3 Medium
Jumbled Paragraph 4 Easy + Tough
Sentence correction 3 Tough
Word Usage 3 Tough

CAT 2007 - Data Interpretation/Logical Reasoning

DI was the easiest section and the cutoff is expected to be more than 35.

There was no question on chart/graphs. All the information for data interpretation questions was given in tabular form. Out of the 5 sets of questions, 2 were pure calculation based and that was just opposite of what was DI in 2006.

Preference of attempts:
1. Companies cost in US dollars of major surgeries in USA and a select few Asian countries
2. Questions on low cost airline company
3. Data Sufficiency Questions
4. Health drink company’s R&D Department
5. Actual cost incurred by a company
6. Students and Vegetarian

Chapter No. of Questions Level of Diff.
Logical Reasoning Based Table 8 Medium
Data Sufficiency 4 Easy + Tough
Calculation Based Table 13 Easy

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