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One News Paper and 2/3 news magazines is the minimum that you should read while preparing for any MBA entrance exam. The best is to use the net and configure News @Google to read articles from all round the world. Sports, bolywood and entertainment news are good for wasting time but will never help in serving your purpose. Read columns and opinons from forbes, marketwatch , cnn, New York Times, chron and other such websites. While reading any article if you come across an unknown word then just google it and read all the relevant articles with the proper usage of that word. Do it for couple of days and it ‘ll be a part of your life. It's better than buying books just for improving your knowledge in English but for Mathematics and DI, there are few real good books in market which you can buy and refer with your coaching center notes.
Few years back most of the available books on MBA/CAT preparation were generic in nature. They contained only information about CAT as an exam and few mock which were always below than the CAT standard But now you will find many books written for specific sections and they are worth reading. Most of the books cover all the topics covered in CAT and other mba related exams.
If you think, just by reading books available in market you can crack CAT then you are totally wrong. You should purchase books only for reference, don't expect it will contain all the stuffs required for CAT. All the coaching centers have started publishing books on CAT preparation; IMS has books almost for everything but the contents are never up to the standard as it in their notes.
To make your decision easier all the book names given in this site are categorized to three values A, B and C. This grade doesn't mean that the book/magazine is good or bad, it only shows how relevant is the book/magazine for your CAT/MBA preparation depending on your level of competency. Grade C is meant only for those who are just staring their CAT/MBA preparation, don't have much knowledge about MBA and haven't joined any coaching center
Grade B books are also for those who are staring their CAT preparation but with a good knowledge about MBA as a career and had scored good marks in mathematics and English in school. If you are in this group then please avoid wasting your time in reading Grade C books Grade A books are the best books available for CAT/MBA preparation
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Quant books

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Quant Books

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