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Children in safety vest attended Action "Cleaning the World"

Students of the Julius in Vineries on 18 September. They took part in the national campaign "Cleaning the World". The children and teachers took care of the cleanliness of the surrounding area of ??their school and the nearby forest near the road running from Vistula to Guernica. Students are wearing safety vestand reflectors "shone by example" showing how pedestrians should be on the road to remain visible to passing cars. The action was aimed not only at ordering the immediate surroundings but also fixing the principles of safe movement in the road.

They find the fallen soldiers with in safety vest

In eastern Ukraine is called collector of bodies. From the front is collected soldiers killed in fighting - both Ukrainian and pro-Russian separatists fighting. For his work he does not take money. "The dead do not fight anymore," says Jar in safety vest, leader of a volunteer group called the Black Tulip, which has already found more than 150 dead bodies of Ukrainians buried in mass graves in September.

Family Cycling Picnic with wearing safety vest

On Sunday, 19 June, the fifth edition of the Family Cycling Picnic, a popular family-oriented recreation event, everyone wear a reflective clothing.

The Debate Protection Committee does not offend anyone

On Tuesday (26.07) the District Court in Bialystok discontinued the proceedings against 8 All-Poland Youth activists, who during the January demonstration CODE set up a safety vest with the inscription "Committee for Debate Protection".

On January 9, demonstrators of the Democratic Defense Committee held "in defense of the public media". In Bialystok, the slogan "Jar slaw Polka leave" was scribbled under the seat of the regional branch of Polish Television.

Pilgrimage at night time with reflective vest for safe

Participants wear reflective vest of the Extreme Way of the Cross embark on nightly routes across Poland on April 7. Online subscriptions to the Extreme Way of the Cross have lasted for two weeks - anyone can choose the route that suits him.

5000 seats for no glare. We pay and ... we die

Almost 5 thousand Lower Silesians have punished policemen for walking on the pavement or the roadside without reflective tape at dusk outside the built-up area. This statistic is for the period from September 1, 2014, when new, stringent regulations entered into force, until December 31, 2015.

A few days ago, a 58-year-old pedestrian died in Burk tow, which was walking in the middle of a built-up area. An expert was called to answer the question whether the 18-year-old driver had a chance to notice him in the dark.

Half a thousand reflective vests

Children from kindergartens will be more secure for road users. They got reflective vest. It can keep children stay bright on road.

The Model Company from the KSSSE sub-zone in Nova sent on Thursday to children, among others. From Public Kindergarten No. 11 reflective safety vest, as part of the safety campaign, the company passes 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 12 500 to kindergartens in which children will be more visible to drivers. The company also gave preschoolers.

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