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How to keep your safety on road at night

Every day we pass the roads of cars with poorly set lights. This phenomenon is much more common, especially in the winter, when we are driving more often in the dark, and we do not use daylight at all. Incorrectly set headlamps cause not only the fact that we can see too late a turn, a fallen tree, a pedestrian or a biker without Reflective vest, but we are also uncomfortably dazzling the other road users. "Statistics of the number of people killed at night are alarming. In 2013, 194 people died on Czech roads, 33% of the total. The darkest is an indication of dead pedestrians. 80 were killed at night," Martin, Head of the Independent Department of BESIP.

The sale of reflective elements has risen sharply

The public's interest in reflective elements, which have been worn for reduced visibility since the weekend by an amendment to the Road Act, has surpassed all expectations. The protected workshop from Hradec, which produces safety accessories, recorded a 400 percent increase in orders from last Friday.

The company from Hradec Králové has observed the gradual increase in sales in recent weeks. In winter, this is a "cucumber season" and a sheltered workshop with seventeen employees has only a few orders per day. However, he is receives around 30 reflective merchandise daily.

Reflective elements have been a responsibility for pedestrians

Pedestrians who drive on the road in the dark or diminished visibility must also wear reflective vest for the year. Police sometimes even check and distribute fines. However, the effort was paid off. According to statistics, the number of pedestrians killed outside the village has fallen. Still, there are those who walk on the roads without reflective elements. In addition, some will pay for it for life.

Compulsory car equipment should shrink or not

Required safety equipment in cars could undergo changes. Replacement bulbs and fuses could replace the list of what drivers have to carry in the car. Some Members are inclined to do so. According to them, cars are as unnecessary as most drivers can not or can not replace them. At the same time, they want to unify mandatory equipment in Europe. However, there are some experts.

Safety equipments in cases for school children

Reflective vest, plastic drinking bottle and many little things will be useful for the first time. This is the content of a special briefcase, which will be given to the small school pupils in the Liberec region on the first day of the school in the framework of the action safely! The Liberec Region has prepared 6,000 pieces of such cases in cooperation with other partners this year.

There is false information about mandatory safety equipment

Misleading information on mandatory car safety equipment abroad has appeared on the Internet. Experts from the Central Automobile Club (UAMK) are warning. They also released up-to-date information on what the mandatory equipment includes in each country.

Everything started innocently, Auto Kelly, in good faith, sent journalists documents for travel abroad in Europe. However, it turned out that there were many factual mistakes, especially what the mandatory equipment was. "Following the publication of these highly misleading information, a large number of drivers are turning to us and we are trying to correct the situation," experts from ÚAMK said.

Should an orange or yellow vest be in the car?

Many people spend their holidays on their own cars. However, if you want to get all right, you should check several things before going on. Should an orange or yellow vest be in the car? That was what experts in the breakfast with New.

"Before the trip, you should always check the vehicle itself, if you have the right fluids, it is technically correct. If you have the right equipment, even if we have the Geneva Convention that says the vehicle is to be equipped according to the place of registration, the country in question does not have to be a compulsory piece of equipment," says Pert of the Central Automobile Club.

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