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Naked and Famous jeans with fluorescent reflective elements

The Canadian brand Naked & Famous recently launched jeans not quite that will not make you go unnoticed during your night outings. Karl Lagerfeld boasted in 2009 the mandatory retro-reflective vest in vehicles with this devastating slogan: "It's yellow, it's ugly, it does not go with anything, but it can save your life.”

It seems that the Canadian brand Naked & Famous has finally found the ideal solution to be seen at night while being at the forefront of fashion: fluorescent jeans! Of course, it is not a safety garment to wear in case of a car accident, but it is a fashion accessory could rage after dark.

My dear bike organized its traditional bike ride

The Evolution has, again this year, a hit. Nearly 300 participants in high visibility vestat the start and 450 at the finish; they have put the atmosphere in town while continuing their fight. Yesterday afternoon, screaming sirens, the Ninth Evolution straddled the streets, avenues and boulevards betrayers. The top start was given under a blazing sun in the Burdens eco-district park with the same fervor and enthusiasm that is known to him every year. Over the course of editions and pedals, calves and motivation do not run out of steam and the ranks of the association Mon Cher bike grow.

Continue to spread the word about the bike place in the city

Wearing the yellow vest will be mandatory

Announced for several months but widely criticized, the decree mandating the wearing of retro-reflective devices was voted. As of January 2013, motorcyclists riding motorcycles or scooters over 125 cm3 will have to wear a safety vest or armband. The FFMC called yesterday for the mobilization...

At the end of the Council of Ministers held yesterday at the Elyse Palace, Interior Minister Claude validated one of the measures announced in the context of the 11 May 2011 IRB and particularly controversial. The voted decree provides that drivers and passengers of motorized two-wheelers of more than 125cm3 will have to equip retro-reflective devices as of 2013...

They hung on the logo and slogan of the yellow vest

The Children's City Council met on Saturday. Aurora Caro, municipal councilor delegate for children and youth, guided the debates. This second council after the start of the school year had on the agenda: set the slogan and logo to be on the new yellow vest to distribute to schoolchildren this year. Remember that in 2016 and 2017, the motto "I think in the night, I think of my life" was flocked to reflective clothing.

"The reflective vest saves the lives of young and old"

Walkers must have reflective vest in the darkness

Drivers and pedestrians are waiting for new duties. While pedestrians have to reckon that at night or otherwise reduced visibility, they will have to wear reflective vest between the villages on the clothing, drivers will have to clean the car from snow and ice. The Senate has also approved the amendment to the Act on Road Traffic.

"Sixty percents of pedestrians die at night and eighty percent under reduced visibility," Minister of Transport, Dan Dick, and told Senators on Wednesday. In order for the law to become valid, only the signature of President Miles Zeeman is missing. For 46 out of 72 senators present, thirteen were against, and the same number abstained.

Reflective elements for pedestrians to keep the safety

With the coming autumn, cool weather and increasingly shorter days, pedestrians are very up-to-date reflective clothing elements. Since this year, it is also necessary to wear them for poor visibility when walking along a road outside the village.

Rake thinks so. "Now in the autumn I got something reflexive for the whole family, including my husband. Children have reflexive elements on their briefcases, but they do not wear it all the time, "said a thirty-three-year-old woman, bought them all the reflective tapes they usually wear on her legs, and the kids still casting them with a zip jacket.

Boundaries between life and death is just 200 meters

The autumn is tragic for pedestrians and cyclists on the road. Quite soon, it is getting wet and many do not realize that they are not visible on the road without the right clothes. The reflective vest then shines on 200 meters. That distance can save your life.

How to shine in the hundreds of meters on road

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