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These are the characteristics that reflective vest should have

From January 1 on all vehicles must wear with a reflective vest, measure that seeks to reduce traffic accidents and collisions of drivers when they get off the car. Those who do not comply with the regulations will be committing a slight fault and will have to pay a fine that varies between 0.2 to 0.5 UTM.

In order to comply with the law, it is necessary to be clear about the characteristics of the vest that must wear. As of January 1, it will be mandatory to wear the reflective vest on the vehicles; can you identify the reflective vest required by law?

Characteristics of the vest - Yellow fluorescent material

Road safety: Fatal accidents of children increase

Although accident rates throughout the country tend to decrease, the number of minors killed in traffic accidents has increased. Many of them drive motor and then meet the accidents on road without wear safety vest.

The number of minors who die in traffic accidents has increased, according to recently published data. Although traffic accident rates have fallen recently, children and adolescents continue to form a large part of the victims of road accidents. According to a study conducted by the Gonzalo Foundation, of 29 minors who died in 2016 at road events, 15 of them traveled by motorcycle.

Yellow vests invite you to Pierre school

It is in the presence of Didier Pierre (deputy mayor and volunteer with yellow vest in the association), Cathy Coffin (assistant in charge of school affairs), director Jean-Philippe Laverne and teachers of the school that the League against road violence, in the person of its president Christiana Pinot, was invited to Pierre school on the heights of Costs-Rouges, last Friday.

Road safety: 100 helmets and 500 vests to the city

Boatel offered 100 protective helmets and 500 safety vest to the city. The ceremony of delivery of this material for motorcycle drivers Jakarta takes place the day before yesterday in the course of the town hall.

Warm and safe with Trevor’s safety jacket

For navigation within 2 miles of a shelter, a life jacket of 50 nektons is sufficient for regulation. Trevor launches, for this purpose, the Izeber50 flotation jacket, which offers both thermal insulation and buoyancy equivalent to a vest of 50 Newton (Certified according to ISO 12402-05). It does not replace a lifejacket for upper navigation categories (coastal, mid-shore and offshore). The floatation jacket reduces the risk of drowning, but does not guarantee rescue, as the user must swim and keep his head out of the water, on his own. It can be used during water activities, by people who can swim and in sheltered waters or in calm seas, with help nearby.

School security agents assisting the police for school safety

ROAD SAFETY - They are not police but will soon manage, alone, the crossing of pedestrians at the end of classes ... Since the start of the school year, 15 apprentices in Contract of access to employment (CAE) continue indeed their training started last June at the Municipal Police Directorate.

These chickens cross the road with a reflective vest

We all know the road is dangerous, we will let our child wear the safety vest when they cross the road, and take care more about the car, and how about the chickens?

Louise Lennox is very attached to her chickens. Every morning, their eggs are served to guests at its bed and breakfast, Glens House, Scotland. That's why the escapades of some of her layers on the road close to the establishment worried her, but she found the solution to keep the road safety.

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