Warm and safe with Trevor’s safety jacket

For navigation within 2 miles of a shelter, a life jacket of 50 nektons is sufficient for regulation. Trevor launches, for this purpose, the Izeber50 flotation jacket, which offers both thermal insulation and buoyancy equivalent to a vest of 50 Newton (Certified according to ISO 12402-05). It does not replace a lifejacket for upper navigation categories (coastal, mid-shore and offshore). The floatation jacket reduces the risk of drowning, but does not guarantee rescue, as the user must swim and keep his head out of the water, on his own. It can be used during water activities, by people who can swim and in sheltered waters or in calm seas, with help nearby. The Izeber50 jacket is ideal for jet-skiing, canoeing, paddle boarding, windsurfing or light sailing, less than 2 miles from a shelter.

The buoyancy of the Safety vest is achieved through closed-cell polyethylene slides containing air and micro beads. This flexible and lightweight component guarantees comfort and freedom of movement during maneuvers. Reversible, the neon orange side with integrated reflection strips on the shoulders makes it easy to see. Trevor’s Izeber50 jacket protects against wind and cold while remaining free of movement, without feeling like a buoyancy aid. On the other hand, it is water repellent and allows the fabric to stay light, breathable and warm. On both sides, two zip pockets are useful when the vest is used as a jacket, on the color side. To prevent the jacket from rising when you're in the water, a subcutaneous strap goes between the legs to hook on each side of the vest, in a loop.

Although the Trevor Izeber50 reflective vest is still a bit imposing, it can be used both on land and at sea. Wearing it on the color side, it can be used as a sleeveless jacket to keep you warm while being stylish.



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