Typhoon set to hit southeast China later this week

Typhoon set to hit southeast China later this week

More rain is in the forecast for southeastern typhoon shanghai this week with yet another typhoon expected, perhaps the biggest one of the season.

Chinese authorities in the southeastern province of Fujian are preparing to evacuate as many as 500,000 people prior to Typhoon Talim making landfall later this week. While it may now only be a tropical storm that's north of the Philippines, Talim is expected to pick up speed as it sweeps through Taiwan on Wednesday before slamming into the Fujian coast.

"Talim is a giant. It will dwarf any of the others [typhoons] we’ve seen this year," Liu Aiming, chief engineer at the Fujian meteorological bureau, told the South China Morning Post, adding that by the time it reaches the Chinese coast, Talim could be a "super typhoon," comparable to a category 4 or 5 hurricane in the US.

Already this year, southeastern China has been hit by a number of typhoons, including Typhoon Hato which wreaked havoc last month in Macau, Hong Kong and southern Guangdong province, killing 16 people.

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